A four-day large-scale training by the CBS ONE cashback service

Nikita: Hello, everyone! We are in Zavidovo. And in the next few days, a large-scale event dedicated to the CBS ONE cashback service will be happening here. Team building, training, and discussion platforms with eminent speakers. All this is awaiting the participants. How will it be? We’ll tell you about it right now.

Man 1: Three hours have already passed Nikita: How long do you have to hold it? Male 1: About 5 hours
Nikita: Will you succeed?

Man 1: My hand is already trembling

Woman 1: It feels like I am in childhood. In a kind of summer camp with an active and healthy lifestyle.

Nikita: The participants have just gathered together. They summed up the results of the first part of the big team building. There they checked who had earned how much CFR. And now, they are heading to the boats with this information.

And now, after an active team building, the participants have gathered in the hall to make sure the impossible is possible. And the hero of the Russian Federation, a pilot-cosmonaut, Sergei Ryazansky, will tell you about it.

Good morning, friends! This is day 2.
It will be no less intense and productive for the participants. And it will start with surprises. The members will enter this room in a few minutes. And the most famous leadership trainer in Russia, Radislav Gandapas, is already waiting for them here.

Man 2: My mood is amazing.
Gandapas was really an awesome surprise for us. But not all of the information was new to me. But the way he delivered that information was such an energy boost. And how he motivated the audience to gain knowledge — for me, it was a novelty.

Woman 2: I attempted to burst the balloon with my breath to try myself. Because I had never done that before. I did it. I was glad that I did it right. I was not afraid.

Nikita: After a short break, the participants are here again. They have been divided into different teams. In these teams, they will be performing further activities as part of the Finiko City game.

Woman 3: We’ve distributed our responsibilities. One group is building a house. The second one is brainstorming.

Woman 4: As soon as the game began and when they started to set time limits and… Multitasking. I mean, the team had to distribute quickly. To build a house and solve something about money simultaneously. And it was necessary to carry out the task and distribute at the same time. And I realized that when a tight time frame is set… That’s terrible — my brain literally starts to shut down. I start pretending to be a silly little girl. I do not understand anything and am looking for someone who will solve all those issues for me. And I realized that this is my growth point. I have to work on it.

Nikita: So. All the good things come to an end at some point. And this big, tremendous event dedicated to the CBS ONE cashback service is also over. I would like to say that it was very difficult for me to interrupt the emotions of the participants. I hope we have managed to show you at least a part of them. And that you were able to feel the atmosphere of the last several days from behind your screens. Subscribe to our channel — you can find a lot of interesting things there. And see you soon!



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