A video report on Club 20x20 — who are the mentors?

Nikita: Hello, everyone! This is the Music Media Dome in Moscow. And tomorrow, Club 20x20 will take place here. What is it?
It is a large and intensive training, within the framework of which Kirill Doronin will work with 20 groups simultaneously.

This is possible thanks to the mentors who will help him in this. Mentors are experienced people who have recently participated in Club 20 too. And here, they will work with each of the groups. It will be interesting and really productive. Today, we came to see the organizational meeting of Kirill Doronin and the mentors who are already gathering behind my back. We will talk to them and discuss whether they are ready for tomorrow’s cool and big event.

Woman 1: Today, we will have a small briefing before the 20x20 Club. I am a mentor. I want to try myself and see how I will cope with this role too. To help people. To meet and chat with other mentors, of course. Because a large community has gathered here. And also, I always enjoy communicating with new people very much.

Woman 2: First, I came for Club 20. It was my dream to get to Kirill’s training. And when I found out that there would be an opportunity to try myself as a mentor after that training. Of course, I immediately jumped at that great chance. As soon as I joined Finiko last year, I already had plans to become a mentor.

Nikita: Well, this is already day 2. You can see the mentors and participants, the whole workflow. The mentors were preparing yesterday, and today, they are in close contact with the groups, with the members of the 20x20 Club throughout the day, throughout the training. And this is fascinating, friends. Kirill Doronin gives various tasks from the stage, and active work immediately begins here. To be honest, it’s a real pleasure to watch this. Take a look yourself.

Woman 3: I started experiencing emotions and sensations 2 months ago, when I, as a creative person far from investment, was overwhelmed by Finiko. I became interested in the project.

Man 1: I think that most of the emotions will be tomorrow when we are fully aware of this. But I made sure again that I was going with the right company, and the fact that they provide me with the information I need is of great importance to me. There was no beating about the bush. Development is always necessary for any person. And you always want to develop. And this is the right development here.

Nikita: Well. Club 20x20 has come to an end. It was beneficial to everyone. To the participants, because they were working in groups and did it very actively and intensively. To the mentors, because today, they were able to show their leadership and mentoring qualities. And all that was a part of the two most important topics. Goals and ambitions. That’s what all the work was about. And, I think they have answered many questions for themselves. And also set long-term plans. If you want to know about all the events happening in the company — subscribe to our channel. And see you soon!



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