About the profitability of the product Index CTI by Finiko

Nikita: Hello, everyone! We are in Krasnoyarsk. We met one of the Finiko partners here today. This is Evgeny. He uses a lot of products, but we’ll talk specifically about Index CTI 1. Evgeny, good evening.

Evgeny: Hello, Nikita.
Nikita: Please tell us first what this Index CTI 1 is.

Evgeny: Well, as for me, and so that it is clear to non-experts. It is a kind of selection of tools the company trades. And, accordingly, all these tools bring some kind of profit.
It all goes to one “pile”, yes. The company takes its profit, gives profit to the trader, and, accordingly, gives profit to the client. That is, having a certain deposit, it works on stock exchanges.

Nikita: How much does it cost?

Evgeny: Today, the price of Index CTI 1 starts from $20,000. Amounts divisible by $20,000–20, 40, 60, and so on.

Nikita: Yeah, great, from $20,000. Tell me, please, do you use Index yourself?

Evgeny: Of course. Almost everyone from my team uses Index. Well, I’m not an exception. Actually, I started my activity in Finiko with it.

Nikita: By the way, I wanted to discuss it. Did you start with Index CTI 1?

Evgeny: Yes.
Nikita: Was it simple, or would you rather start with some other product now?

Evgeny: It was the only product back then. Because I started a long time ago. I am already such an old-timer, I might say, yes. But when a person comes to me and asks: “What should I choose?” I always recommend starting with Index CTI 1 if possible. Because for me it is like a kind of foundation. Index CTI 1 is money here and now. For someone’s living, for some expenses. You can also save and invest money in some other programs. For example, in a car for 35% or cashback and so on. So, it is real money. Therefore, I always advise you to start with Index CTI 1.

Nikita: $ 20,000. Let’s suppose I have this amount. I would really like to be interested in this topic. What should I do next? What should one do? Go to some electronic platform, find someone? What should be done?

Evgeny: You should follow the link of the invitee. Because, as practice shows, in most cases, someone recommends Finiko to people. Sign up and go through verification. Fortunately, now it takes up to 5 minutes — the whole process goes very quickly. Just type in the data. And that’s all. Accordingly, we can deposit the money.

Nikita: Is it all in digital format? Evgeny: In digital format… Nikita: On the website

Evgeny: Even the elderly deposit their money. Everything is very clear. Our deposit-withdrawal is in bitcoins, well, since depositing is in bitcoins. When you don’t understand what bitcoin is. I say: -”Do you know the ruble?” -”We do” -”Have you ever used online banking?” -”Yes.”

It is the same thing but with a different name — that’s all. Everything is very clear and simple.

Nikita: So, in order to learn this, you can either watch training videos on the Finiko channel…

Evgeny: Yes, yes …

Nikita: Or find others?

Evgeny: Yes, it’s all very simple

Nikita: So, I’ve read and understood what bitcoin is. I’ve passed verification on the platform. What’s next?

Evgeny: We deposit the money. That is, well, specifically, my team has a chat for buying and selling currency. Because often, well, there are difficulties in interacting with some platforms. For example, I want to buy bitcoin. And you want to sell it. I transfer rubles to you, and you give me bitcoins. We just exchange currencies.

As a rule, in my team, it happens in this way. Some people use exchangers or exchanges. It’s the same there, it’s just that the number of people on those platforms is larger, and that’s all.
By and large, people exchange currencies. That’s it.

Nikita: When you purchased Index CTI 1, did you see a notification that you have this Index CTI 1 in your personal account?

Evgeny: Yes, in 3 business days. After 3 business days, Index CTI 1 starts working from the date of purchase. That’s it. As soon as Index CTI 1 starts working, the next day, if it’s a business day, we already start to receive interest.

Nikita: Yeah. How can you see it? Is it displayed somehow?

Evgeny: Of course, in the “Wallet” section we constantly see some accruals — what interest has come, what amount has come. Accordingly, on the deposit. On average, this is 1% per day, as practice shows.

Nikita: So you see, monitor its movements? May it suddenly fall or not be paid, or come in some unusual amount?

Evgeny: Well, in my practice, it has never happened. It happens during some holidays. For example, June 12 is Russia Day. On that day, the Moscow Exchange, so to speak, well, not so to speak, it actually did not work, yes. Accordingly, as a rule, we are notified about such things on all company’s social media accounts. We know that today there will be reduced charges. This is normal.

Nikita: Are there many partners using Index CTI 1 in Krasnoyarsk?

Evgeny: 90 percent of my team uses Index CTI 1 for sure. Everyone is striving, everyone wants to buy Index CTI 1 one way or another.

Nikita: What exactly are its advantages over other products?

Evgeny: As I’ve said, it is money here and now. Because there are such examples when people enter the loan program, and, respectively, it is necessary to fulfill their obligations. For example, in the first and the second months, it is possible to pay a loan with the profit from Index CTI 1. And then save up some amount and deposit it in a separate program — “Pay off a loan for 35%.” The scheme is ideal.

Nikita: So Index CTI 1 can link you to any other program, right?

Evgeny: Definitely. It is not forbidden to transfer this profit to other products of the company. And use them like Index CTI 1.

Nikita: What happens with Index CTI 1 next? When can I withdraw it or can I save it? What is the limit? What should one do with it next?

Evgeny: Fortunately, today there is no limit. Therefore, if we are ready to save, that is, to reinvest, we can do it. A reinvestment amount, as of today, must be divisible by $20,000.

Nikita: Let’s put it simply. What is a reinvestment?

Evgeny: When we save up the profit we have received and are ready to reinvest it further, invest it back into the company.

Nikita: So, we take this profit, which we already have, and invest in something else?

Evgeny: Yes. We increase it. Well, either into something else or if we have accumulated the deposit amount in our account which is a $20,000 profit. We can invest it back in Index CTI 1. Thus, our total deposit will already be $40,000. Accordingly, the profit will increase as a result.

Nikita: And at what point will the Index CTI 1, which we have bought for $20,000, double?

Evgeny: When we accumulate the same amount in our wallet in order to reinvest it.

Nikita: Is there a specific time period?

Evgeny: Well, if we look at the average profitability. It is 22% per month. Then 4.5 months will be enough for us to accumulate the same amount in the account. In order to reinvest further.

Nikita: How safe is it? I believe many people would look and think: “This is some kind of strange invisible money. It is somewhere in some accounts.” Many people worry about how safe the platform provided by Finiko is. Where is Index CTI 1 located?

Evgeny: Well, as we can see, the website is constantly being improved in order to simplify and secure the system. Two-factor authentication has recently appeared. That is, when we log into the account, when we enter the password, an SMS is sent to our phone number. Well, or on Telegram. We will not enter the account until we enter the code. As practice shows, it is very cool innovation in the company. Because Finiko is a very popular company now. Someone is earning honestly, but someone is trying to earn money by hacking accounts and stealing money.

Nikita: Were there many such situations among your partners?

Evgeny: There were situations when someone tried to hack accounts. But fortunately…

Nikita: Is it over?

Evgeny: Yes, everything is fine. And even if there were situations when they managed to withdraw money. The withdrawal process takes 3 business days. You should just contact technical support and cancel the withdrawal. There are no problems in this regard.

Nikita: Have you known Finiko, been with the Finiko platform since its foundation?

Evgeny: Yes, almost.

Nikita: You already saw the website back then. The mobile app was not yet available. How much has it all changed in terms of the level of comfort? And has it changed at all?

Evgeny: It used to be at a pretty low level, but now it is top-notch. Actually, people who are engaged in the creation of websites note that: “You have a cool website” And I also like that Finiko has not only the main website THEFINIKO.COM. FINIKORU.COM — the news. Well, there are a lot of resources to visit. It is done in an interesting way.

Nikita: Evgeny, thank you very much for this conversation. I hope that many people will find it very useful. And we have answered at least some of your questions. See you soon!

Evgeny: Thank you. Buy Index CTI 1! Nikita: (Laughter)