Buying a car for 35% of its cost. Real stories of the partners

Nikita: Hello, everyone! We are in Kyrgyzstan. Precisely in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. There is one reason why we are here — to introduce Alexander Ovsyanikov to you. Alexander, hello.

When you first became a partner, what did you start with?

Alexander: I started with one Index CTI 1. Well, first I studied everything myself. I studied the marketing plan and told my friends. Of course, most of them told me I was a fool and laughed at me. And I did not have any results back then. And I did not even have an opportunity to enter the car program straight away. In fact, I entered with borrowed money. I didn’t even have the first investments and money. Quite recently, I thought: “Which car should I buy next?”

Nikita: So, do you already have such plans?

Alexander: Of course, yes. I thought about changing this one, but then I thought — I’ll keep it, it’s also cool. For some occasions: we go to the mountains, we ride snowboards — it’s very convenient. And I want the second one as an everyday car — a sedan. But it should be something very cool, yes

Nikita: So what could it be?
Alexander: There is no BMW i8 in our city
Nikita: Aha!
Alexander: I’ve already got used to BMW a little.
Nikita: Do you want to buy it on your own, or also under the AT35 program?

Alexander: Of course, it would be more sensible and profitable to buy it under the program. But I don’t want to wait. I want faster. In principle, I can buy it in a month, even earn.

Nikita: Let’s try to talk specifically about the car with numbers? How much money did you initially invest?

Alexander: It turns out, 5,565 CFR — that is, dollars. Plus 165 CFR — a service agreement. Well, and also some more expenses like fees for depositing money into the account. And 4 months of waiting.

Nikita: 120 days.

Alexander: Yes, 120 calendar days. And the money came — everything was exactly on time.

Nikita: And the sum came. Do you remember the exact amount? Alexander: $15,000

Nikita: $15,000.
Is the community of Finiko partners in Bishkek large enough?
Are there many or few of them? How many of them do you know? You can tell about your team too.

Alexander: Today, after 8 months, there are already 3,320 people on my team. I checked it yesterday. Today, there are already a hundred more for sure.

Nikita: Your team is really big. How many of them have purchased a car under the car for 35% of the cost program? Of course, you don’t know everybody but…

Alexander: If we look at the personal account, there will already be more than 90 cars, contracts. There are definitely about 10 apartments already purchased too.

Nikita: Well, cars are probably the most popular product in Bishkek so far, right?

Alexander: Well, yes, yes. But apartments are also in demand now. We had nothing to show at the beginning, but now, when people are actively buying apartments, their relatives join in and buy apartments too.

Nikita: Do you remember, well, I don’t know if you remember who was the first of your partners to buy, but who was the last one?
A super fresh, most recent one. Are there such people?

Alexander: Yes, literally last week, Maria, a partner, bought a Camry 50, a hybrid. Right on the same day when she withdrew the money.

Nikita: Tell us, how did it happen that you became the owner of this wonderful car?

Woman 1: It happened so that we deposited, it turns out, 3,834 — that’s in dollars. That is 35% of the amount, but then another interesting thing happened. Because, you know, appetite always grows…

Nikita: During meals.

Woman 1: While eating, yes. And so, almost on the same day, we deposited money in Product. That is, even two Finiko programs are involved here. We received $10,198 for the car. It’s 100%

Plus, we have now received $4,000 on top from Product. We combined the money and bought the car that my husband wanted.

Nikita: Tatyana, tell us how did it happen so that this wonderful car became yours?

Woman 2: I learned about Finiko from my parents. First of all, my parents invested,
and then, studying the company, understanding a little, I already realized that the company was serious. The company had a good strategy, a system, I liked it all, and I also invested.
Last year, in September, I invested $2,000 in a car program, because I wanted to buy a car for myself. I wanted it for a long time and saved money. I couldn’t save up and invested $2,000. And I waited.

Nikita: In September?

Woman 2: Yes, in September. Exactly 120 days, just on time, it turns out. The company transferred the full amount to me
It’s $5,100. I withdrew it, and then, it turns out, the car became mine, my baby.

Nikita: Did you find this car quickly? Woman 2: Yes, in about a month.

Nikita: Tell me, how did it happen that you bought the car? A car for 35% — is it true, first of all?

Man 1: Yes.
Nikita: How did it happen?

Man 1: I heard about it from my relatives last year. And first, I invested money in CTI 1. Then, a little time passed, about a month and a half or two. And then I wanted to buy a car. And I deposited 19,981 dollars in the car program. To get $50,000 at the end. To receive it on December 31, just before the New Year.

Nikita: Did you buy it on December 31st?

Man 1: No, the money came in bitcoin, it was the 26th, and I withdrew it on December 26th. And then, on the 31st I received bitcoins and bought a car.

Nikita: So it’s a New Year’s gift? From Santa Claus? (Laugh)

Man 1: Yes. And also Bitcoin went up in price then. And I received not 50,000 but 52,000.

Nikita: Well, we got to know a large team of Finiko partners in Kyrgyzstan. It was an interesting conversation. We looked at their fleet. Different cars, different people. I hope you found it interesting. And we go further. See you!

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