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Yuri: Hello, everyone! We are in Novosib. And yes, we can call it by its short name because we are here for the second time, and we already know almost everything here. We have come for cool cases, so let’s go. This is Olya, this is Sergey. Say hello to everyone.

Olya and Sergey: Hello, everyone.

Yuri: Let’s get to know each other a little better. Olya, please tell us a little more about yourself.

Olya: My name is Olga Korchevnaya. I was born and raised in Novosibirsk. I had been working at a design institute for 26 years, and it became boring for me. 4 years ago, I just quit my job. We have experienced a lot.

Yuri: Why did you decide to quit without having other options? Sometimes, it happens so, but usually, people have a replacement, and you had nothing.

Olya: Indeed, there was no replacement, but it turned out that for the last 2 years, I had to write down all the pros and cons of why I should have kept or left my job. Although the work was very interesting — we were working on Sochi facilities, were building Olympic facilities. It was very interesting, but I decided to quit. So I did it, got injured, and was on crutches for 4 months. I was recovering little by little. There were all sorts of different proposals.

Yuri: When you said you got injured, I thought you meant you were hurt by quitting. Like mentally.

Olya: No, physically. It was New Year, and I went down the hill thoughtlessly. Well, and there was a tree on my way.

Yuri: Apparently, you had to write down the pros and cons before moving down the hill too. Okay, Olya, I understand that your story can go on for a long time.

Sergey: I also want to add about Olya. This is a person who cannot live within any framework. Therefore, most likely, that is what prompted her to quit her job. She cannot follow some requirements, be somehow limited, as I have said. Therefore, she… freedom, a person needs freedom, and then, she can create and live a full life.

Yuri: Olya, it looks like you have an anniversary. Olya: Yes.
Yuri: And we must raise our glasses.
Sergey: Why not?

Yuri: Sergey, tell us a little about yourself.

Sergey: Sergey Korchevny. I am currently retired. I worked in internal affairs and retired as a senior operative with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Well, I’ve been retired for 6 years so far. Completely.

Olya: At my beck and call.
Yuri: Good.
Sergey: I have never been an entrepreneur. I always worked for the state, served the state.

Yuri: In fact, you already have a clearly built scheme in your head. Because there, everything should be clear. You have made the decision to join the Finiko company.

Sergey: Not immediately, of course, not immediately.
Yuri: So, I am interested in how it all happened. Come on, tell us.

Sergey: When there was information… I know that there are many such companies, directions, some of them are honest, and some are just hype projects, because…

Yuri: Hype? It’s so strange to hear it from you.

Olya: Sometimes, it happens.

Sergey: So, you familiarize yourself, check all the information, find people who know that person. Eye to eye to a person, to the first person, firstly ask questions, feel his energy. And when Kirill Doronin and his team were here, my questions disappeared.

Yuri: I thought Olya invited you.

Sergey: We entered together.
Yuri: Together, yes.
Olya: He hurried a little, but I’ll tell you. My story is a little different. Yuri: I believe it is.

Olya: Because network marketing provides an opportunity to meet, make friends in different cities and other countries. I had a friend, Natalya Gulchenko. She called and said: “Olya, I’ll be in Novosibirsk, let’s meet.” And she was the person who offered me to familiarize myself with Finiko. To which I said “No”.

Yuri: I thought you would say: “To which I answered with a confident ‘yes’”.

Olya: You know, Yuri, I live by the “always say yes” principle. When I watched that film, I thought about how many things we miss when we say no. And how much you can get just by saying yes. And that was my rule. But here I said “No”, because, in the last two years, the financial situation in the family has been very difficult. Sergey had to work as a taxi driver. At this moment, tears may appear, because, well, really, there were two difficult years. I even was selling strawberry when it was the season. I realized that it was an opportunity to earn money. We found a farm where I could pick strawberries. I put it in cups and went out to sell it. It was our income because we had to survive. And when Natalya offered to get acquainted with Finiko, I said no. I said: “Natasha, it is very difficult, there is no finance, I will not invest anything.” But I am grateful to Natalya. She stopped talking about her proposal so smoothly, so slowly, but at the same time, it was still on. And when I came home, I said: “For how long are we gonna cherish the situation in which we are now?” I visited a YouTube channel where I could get to know Kirill Doronin in close-up. He wrote a phone number on the board while talking about Finiko. After a while, I just dialed that number and said: “I am Olga from Novosibirsk. I am interested in the information. I have never heard anything similar in Novosibirsk. Are you ready to come to us?” To which I was told: “You know, well, it will be somewhere in the middle of February.” And it was early December. And it seemed to me that there was an abyss of time between December and February.

Yuri: And who did answer you when you called?

Olya: I introduced myself and asked how I could address the person I was talking to. A young voice said to me: “Zygmunt”. I said, “Is it a joke?” He said, “No, that’s my name.” So, that was the first face-to-face acquaintance with Zygmunt. And then we began to study, watch. I asked Natalya for the phone number of a person I could talk to since Finiko would come only in February, and I needed the information right then. Natalya gave me the phone number of Irina Avdus, a leader from Krasnoyarsk.

Yuri: We know, we’ve heard about her.

Olya: Yes, and probably, Irina told me the most important words. She said: “I have known Kirill Doronin since 2014, and, Olga, I will tell you this: “The one who is with Doronin is with money.”

Yuri: Sounds good.

Olya: Yes, and when people say that they doubt. At that moment, all of my doubts disappeared. We just started watching and studying. And when Irina called and told me that there was going to be a conference, and she needed a person who would help to organize it in Novosibirsk. I agreed, of course. There was a week on the phone. What I noticed: when it was a sunny day, people were saying to me: “Yes, great, interesting.” But when the cloudy days began, I heard: “This is a pyramid, this is nonsense, this is a fraud.”

Yuri: And are there more sunny or cloudy days in Novosibirsk?

Olya: I noticed the pattern during that week. And when I got up in the morning, and it was cloudy, I said: “So, honey, today is a sunny day.” And that’s how the sun came out. So, there was a conference on January 24. There were about 150 people. And there was the first meeting with Kirill, with guys, with the company. And after the conference, several people approached Kirill. Natalya introduced us to Kirill and said that we were her partners and that we wanted to open an office. And the people around them said: “We also want to open an office.” Kirill said: “You all can establish offices and we’ll see who survives.” And after the conference in Novosibirsk, 5 offices were opened. It turns out that our story with Finiko began on February 3. Actually, that is another story. We made the decision to be in Finiko, we decided to open an office, but we had no money. Sergey and I sat down, made calculations, drew something, planned “what”, “where”, and “how.” We made a list of people to contact, and all of our friends said “no”. At the conference we learned: Finiko gives 22% a month. I thought: “Yes, for 10%, I would…” But they all said “no”.

Yuri: What was next? I mean, there was a key moment, with offices, right?

Olya: With offices. So, we needed to push off from something. We drove around the center but there was nothing interesting. And we saw a gorgeous office on European Avenue — $660. And we needed $1,000 to buy one Index. Where could I get it? And Sergey… This is a painful story. Sergey said: “Let’s sell the car.” We had a very nice car. We tried to sell it several times when it was very difficult. But while it was on sale, we were solving the problem with finance. And here, as soon as we posted an ad, it was bought in two days. And then I realized that it just gave us the opportunity to get out of the financial crisis we found ourselves in. We had the car as a pledge. We gave part of the collateral, and there was exactly $1,500 left. $660 — office rent, $1,000 — to take one Index. So, from that moment, our story with Finiko began.

Yuri: I feel like a kind of rusk. Maybe we should stop for a moment because… No, we are continuing the interview. Here is the water.

Olya: No, I wanted to hold back emotions, but this pain… It is already in the past. I don’t want to look back into it, because, indeed, a new story began with Finiko. I will come to my senses now. I apologize.

Yuri: Everything is fine. What kind of car was it? Olya: Ford S-Max.
Sergey: A large and comfortable family car.

Yuri: A family car. Well, as you have said, that was before. Now it’s time to come back to reality. Let’s talk. What’s currently happening in your life? Here we are in your office, in a fresh, new, beautiful office, where we can feel your atmosphere, warmth, and hospitality. How are you doing? What products have you recently entered? And what is your general plan of action?

Sergey: Yuri, look. It all started with one Index, and we never invested a single penny in Finiko after that. Here’s everything that has been developed from one Index. Now we have 2 accounts: my wife’s and mine. And there are currently 36 Indexes on these two accounts. It all developed from 1 Index. From February 3. So, try to imagine how much our life has changed. The lives of our partners and friends who have believed in us have changed.

Olya: Well, I guess, the start was also difficult, because it seemed that we had something to share as we were in Finiko. But our close ones did not support us. Yes, as you have said. They still stay aside. Close friends are also watching from the side. But people “from the street”, as I call them, began to appear. I mean, those are people we did not know. Someone came through an ad, someone through a recommendation. And this trust is very important to me. Trust in us and in the Finiko company. And with those people, we began to move. We have a partner Roman who is a massage therapist. And he came through the ad. He said: “Guys, I work until 9 p.m. Will you wait for me?” He arrived at half-past 10 p.m. And we were talking until 3 a.m. That was our first meeting, and a day later, he bought the CTI Index. How many indexes does Roman have today?

Sergey: 26.

Olya: 26. He made his own map. There was a day when he said: “Guys, are you in the office? I will come”. A4 format sheet, not a graph paper. He made the grid himself.

Yuri: Did he draw it himself?

Olya: He described everything by days, by months, what percentage, how much it yields. And now he is moving according to that plan. Guys watched him. Then someone began to enter. Our partners and I were calculating the loan repayment — we have a lot of people who enter the program “Pay off a loan for 35%”, because, probably, it is the most popular product.

Yuri: A pain?

Olya: Yes, because it is a pain. When there is pain, people are in loans, people are in mortgages. People came: first, we painted how and what to repay. They made a decision, and some of them also took out an additional loan. My friend said: “Olya, how?!” I said: “There is a program ‘Pay off a loan for 35%’. It means that you can take it first and then repay it.” And we were paying off some loans with the opportunity to take out a loan. Guys calculated how to enter the car program taking out a loan. Those were used cars, but it was still a good result for them. And when people who surrounded them saw that they had a car, there already were more opportunities and more people who trusted them.

Yuri: Well, yes, that is, something material that you can touch, see, and say: “Oh, well, that’s true.”

Olya: Yes, and Roman also took a car under the program. And then other guys entered. How did he call his old car? A can of bolts?

Sergey: Yes, he had some old Toyota. And now he has a new Toyota Highlander.

Olya: Here it is already… There is already trust. More people are entering. His friend has an interesting story.

Yuri: Let’s finish here for now. I think the chain can go on and on. Roman has a friend, the friend also has a friend…

Olya: Yes. In general, for me, every client is a new story, I guess. Sergey: Yes. They are already our friends, in fact.

Yuri: Let’s talk a little about you. What’s going on in your life now? You have already said that you have Indexes.

Sergey: Yes. Yuri: What else?

Olya: Well, thanks to Indexes, we began to pay off all debts first of all. It was not straight away. Here, I wrote it down, because the list of people who helped us is large. And I wrote, “Today, we receive part of the amount and will be returning to each of you little by little. Now have the opportunity to pay in parts.” Everyone agreed. And, every time we received dividends, we repaid the loan, we repaid the debt. Probably, it was like that for six months. For six months, we have never had such a thing that we bought something, for example, a sofa, something to finish the repair, because the repair was still unfinished.

Yuri: Not for yourself yet?

Olya: Yes, not for ourselves. We decided, set a goal to increase the number of Indexes to solve our problems with the help of it. The first thing we bought was sneakers for my son. It was in August. That was the first thing, yes. Then, in September, it was a trip to a conference in Moscow. We paid for the tickets, hotel, accommodation. And the most interesting thing is that there was another case when we went to buy sneakers again.

Sergey: And then we also entered the cashback service program.

Yuri: Yes, I wanted to ask you about it.
Sergey: It was in July. This program was just opened — the cashback service.

Olya: Oh, both cashback and Product appeared back then. So we entered Finiko Product. Already on June 3, we entered the Product with a small amount. But there was a minimum limit. Probably, $250. We entered Finiko Product and the cashback service. And since July, we have been using this cashback service.

Yuri: Ok, cashback. How have you been using it?

Olya: Almost everywhere. Oh, with any purchase. For example, the rent, because we had large rent arrears and, first of all, it had a great effect on the rent. But it works with any purchases. The sneakers we bought were bought with cashback. It was very nice.

Yuri: So, the first purchase was sneakers, and you already had the cashback service back then? Olya: Yes, yes.
Yuri: Okay, how much is your cashback deposit now?
Sergey: Now it is 2,080 CFR, which is about 150.000 rubles.

Yuri: And how much cashback do you receive per month?
Sergey: Right now, at the moment, 6% of the deposit comes every month.

Olya: So, 6%… This morning, we calculated that 6% of $2,080 is $125. Moreover, this 6% are automatically returned. Whether you spend it or not.

Olya: Yes, the conditions. If we are talking about cashback, then the minimum deposit starts from $100. It is about 7,500 rubles. Those are prerequisites to receiving cashback from 15% to 25%. We started using cashback when I had 5 stars — it was 20%. Then 6 stars — 21%. And yesterday, I achieved the 7th star, and, accordingly, now it is 22%.

Yuri: Congratulations!

Olya: Thank you, yes, 21% cashback. 22%. Yes, so 22% is for the cashback service, plus 6% for the deposit per month, a total of 28%. Let’s calculate. There is $2,080 on the deposit, yes.

Yuri: So, let me remember.

Olya: 6% of $2,080 is $125. Some banks give 6% per year. And that’s not it. Interest rates in many banks have decreased recently.

Sergey: Moreover, in dollars.

Olya: And here it turns out if $2,080 is $125. Well, almost stable $150. Whether I use cashback or not. I receive almost $150 every month, and plus 22%-cashback. As a result, I calculated that a total of 28% will bring me $580 something per month.

Yuri: A month?
Olya: In a month. Not a bad amount in my opinion. Therefore, if you take the minimum. Sergey: We earn money.

Olya: Yes, we earn while spending. When cashback appeared, I, as a girl, compared it to what we were doing in childhood. We were collecting candy wrappers, pieces of glass, making “secrets”. Here, it is the same thing.

Yuri: Well, I’m a boy, I don’t know that.

Olya: In those days it was like this: I could find a candy wrapper, a glass, and I had to dig a hole under a tree and hide it all there. And then I said: “Come on, I made a secret under that tree.” And other children

had to dig it up, and under the glass, there was something glowing. For me, the story with cashback is almost the same. Because we go to the store, spend money, they give us a check, we take a check, collect them at home, and within 3 days, we have to bring those checks to the company and report back. And when I have collected the checks, scanned them, then I show them to my friends: “Look, what a program we have”. And my favorite is when I just come to the checkout, they give me a receipt, I take out my phone, and scan it. And the phone makes such an interesting sound. And everyone immediately has questions.

Yuri: Is that a beautiful sound?
Olya: Beautiful. We will show later, yes. 3 clients came from the store to us just like that. Yuri: So this gesture attracts attention, right?

Olya: Yes, it attracts, and people become interested. Well, someone looks silently and, probably, later at home they think what it was. And some people, who have the opportunity to ask, say: “What is this? I need it too”. So we got 3 partners at the cash register in a store.

Yuri: You have just shared the secret. Olya: Yes, that is exactly the secret that…

Yuri: Moreover, the cashback service is no longer a secret, but now they are opening the secret for you again. Sergey, what else is there in terms of products?

Sergey: Well, at the moment, I really enjoy the Finiko Life program. As Olya has said, we had a debt for the apartment, and we have successfully repaid it. And in the future, we would like to save on utility bills, using the Finiko Life program. It allows you to get periodic payments for 12 months.

Yuri: Yes, everyone has such expenses.

Sergey: Here is the example of how I calculated it: our rent for a 3-room apartment is about $80. Having contributed 500 CFR to the Finiko Life program, which is approximately 35,000 rubles, within a year, the company will pay me about 7,500 rubles, that is, 100 CFR or $100 monthly. If I would be paying for the apartment $80 for 12 months, it would be 60,000. And by depositing 35,000 one-time, I save how much? Almost $800. And if the company pays me $100, that’s even more. The savings are about $660. We also use cashback, yes. Since we use it for any payments, I attach this receipt to the cashback service and get another 22% back. Well, it’s very interesting and cool, especially for those who can count.

Yuri: And all those issues are being resolved. And now you can already direct your thoughts to non-monthly decisions, rents, and some other problems. For example, products.

Sergey: Of course, of course. Plus, besides that, you can use this program more than once. You can use it, for example, to rent an office, to cover some expenses for children’s education. Any kinds of expenses.

Olya: Our junior child is finishing school, the 11th grade. And to pass the exams successfully, you really need tutors. Now we understand what subjects we need to improve, what tutors are needed, and we will definitely use Finiko Life to pay for the tutor.

Sergey: And now, I want to focus on the Finiko Life program. For those who use some kind of periodic payments, periodic expenses in their lives.

Yuri: Those people are watching this video right now.

Sergey: Yes. Any spending with a frequency of a week, month, quarter, half a year, and a year, if you spend, calculate the costs for each week, then the coefficient is 1.8. For example, if you make a one-time payment of $130, then in the end, for a year, the company will pay you $130 multiplied by 1.8. We get $234. We divide $234 by two weeks, and the company will transfer this amount every week. At this point, if we take monthly payments, then the coefficient is 2.4. If for example, you deposit $130: 2.4 — $312. We divide $312 by 12 months. We will get $26 every month. And if we increase that one-time payment, the payments will be higher accordingly. And the most interesting thing is that if you make a payment during the year, then you deposit, for example, $130 with a coefficient of 4.8, you will receive $624 at the end of the year. Therefore, please, calculate all this in your personal account. This whole process is interesting, calculators are provided, do the maths. The minimum payment for the Finiko Life program is 500 CFR — 35,000 rubles. I advise everyone to use it.

Yuri: I have already stopped calculating, to be honest. I have got confused somewhere at the very beginning. I’ll even revise it myself.

Sergey: Of course, absolutely.
Olya: Contact us, we will calculate everything.

Yuri: Good. We remind that all our partners are as open as possible, which means that if you want to communicate in person, do as Olya, call the number. You can do it. You see the information on the screen. They will be happy to answer your questions. Am I right?

Olya: Yes, please. Sergey: With pleasure.

Yuri: We had Olya and Sergey here today. We hope we have answered all of your questions. If you still have them, then go to our channel — there are a lot of different videos where we tell different stories and convey the main idea to you. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and like the videos. See you. Bye!



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