Finiko in Moscow about the How To Make Money conference. Finiko

Nikita: Hello, everyone. Today, we are talking about another How To Make Money conference by Finiko. Don’t assume they are all the same. Speakers select completely new information for each event. About 3,000 people will gather behind my back soon. There are surprises in store for all of us today. If you want to know which ones, then stay tuned until the end.

Nikolay: I came just to feel this energy. Many thanks to Kirill and his team for what they are doing. Thank you for helping to achieve financial independence.

Rais: You definitely should attend, because sitting and watching and being here are completely different things.

Larisa: We are planning our life, we do not know what awaits us in the future. We are very glad that such guys are at the head.

Maria: There is a new project, Humanity, which unites and fills people, brings benefits. This is exactly what resonates with me.

Tatyana: All this is real, humanly. All this is for the good of people.

Maxim: Each conference gives me something new, something useful. Each conference gives an awesome flow of sensations.

Aida: Make sure to attend all events to be confident in everything. It is necessary to see and hear the founders, to plunge into this atmosphere.

Nikita: Well, the conference has come to an end. Traditionally, we have talked with the participants and learned that they have received the answers and feel charged up. And in addition to that, we have also awarded the participants of the CBS ONE competition. If you want to keep abreast of all events, then subscribe to our channel. See you soon.