Finiko in Novosibirsk. An interview with partners

Nikita: Hello, everyone! We are currently in the very heart of Siberia. This is Novosibirsk, the third most populous city in Russia.
And, of course, a large number of people here want to get an answer to the question of how to make money. This is what will be discussed in this video.

Woman 1: I learned about Finiko in February of this year.
I didn’t think for long.
It took me literally a few minutes to understand that I wanted to join.

Woman 2: This is my first conference. It is very interesting for me to attend and meet Kirill Doronin.

Man 1: Anyway, it is crucial to attend live events because our mind starts thinking in a completely different way.
It’s not like watching the founders on YouTube — it’s completely different.

Nikita: Behind my back, you can see that Kirill Doronin has just started a conference in Novosibirsk. A huge number of people are in the hall. They did not waste time and immediately began to analyze a lot of interesting and important material. You have the opportunity to see everything from behind the scenes.

Woman 3: This is an unforgettable experience. Indeed, everything is clear, fast, and concise. There is no beating about the bush.

Man 2: Such events give people a deeper understanding of the company

Woman 4: Kirill Doronin took the stage literally like a spaceman. I was overwhelmed with emotion — it was very cool.

Man 3: This is fire. Just go to conferences. I recommend that everyone not only watches but also attends them.

Nikita: That’s all. The conference is over; the hall is already empty. But all the main topics that the speakers talked about on stage are already in the heads of the participants. And they will bring those thoughts to their partners and cities. By the way, you can watch the live stream of this event on our YouTube channel. You can find a lot of interesting videos there. Hit the subscribe button not to forget to do that. See you soon!

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