Finiko: What to begin with?

7 min readJul 1, 2021


Nikita: Hello, everyone! Friends, this video is about Index CTI 2. We arrived in Vladivostok to talk about it. We have met one of the partners. Very experienced partners. And we will introduce him to you so that you get answers to the questions you have about an Index CTI 2. Vadim, hello.

Vadim: Good afternoon.

Nikita: Vadim, tell us first what an Index CTI 2 is. What is it and what is it used for?

Vadim: A product of the company. A very good product that provides certain opportunities. How to allocate your funds or how to make money.

Nikita: How much money is needed to become the owner of this Index CTI 2? Vadim: Well, today, it is the equivalent of $1,000 in rubles
Nikita: When did you get started with an Index CTI 2?
Vadim: Well, let’s say, a while ago.

Nikita: A while ago. You also bought an Index CTI 2. Did you buy one or several at once?

Vadim: I started with one. Nikita: You started with one.

How was it in general? How did you hear about it? Let’s just say you are an experienced Finiko partner. I believe you follow all the news that’s happening. But how did you find out about it? Did you immediately start working with an Index CTI 2 as soon as it appeared?

Vadim: In principle, I learned about the company a little earlier from my good friends, who also know what money is today. They know what cryptocurrency is today. Well, and when they told me. And those friends, I repeat, I know them very well and for a long time. I didn’t think long about it and said: “Guys, I’m with you. Let me try too.” And, moreover, I had $1,000.

Nikita: We’ve already talked about it behind the scenes but I’ll repeat once again: you are an experienced partner. And purchasing an Index CTI 2 is not a problem for you in general. So why do you need it as a person who already uses many products? Why do you need an Index CTI 2 too?

Vadim: Well, first of all, an Index CTI 2 appeared in the company as a kind of opportunity for people who did not have certain funds. And today, $1,000 is about 75–80 thousand rubles. This is affordable money that one can save up over a certain period of time. Well, next, it is funds depositing. Of course, it is not the last tool. Of course. But this is a promising tool because today, Index CTI 2 has two components. Today, it is money as a means. And another part of this Index CTI 2 is cryptocurrency. It is the FNK of the company. And that was what attracted me. I mean, it is clear that money — you can make money, invest money in a product. Money — product. But in my opinion, cryptocurrency today as a whole is a prospect. It is a prospect. And today, investing the same $1,000 in the Index CTI 2 program, we have the prospect of earning the company’s FNK cryptocurrency. Moreover, the company gives good proposals for the future. How to use FNK to improve your life and meet your needs and capabilities. For the company, for the leaders, for the leaders of the company, that they give a prospect. And when you study this prospect, you willy-nilly look into the future. Because what we are offered today is great. Again, we are offered to manage how much money we earn through Index CTI 2 and how much FNK we can buy too. So, today, there is a scale in that $1,000 which you choose by yourself. A kind of ruler or a slider. Call it whatever you want. So, if you need more money today — put more emphasis on money. If today you need a cryptocurrency that has a prospect for the future. And, I repeat, the company today offers us and opens up horizons for how we will use this cryptocurrency in the future and solve our life tasks.

Nikita: You have mentioned cryptocurrency several times. It is such a difficult word, a complex term for many people and it is not easy to understand. How did you become familiar with cryptocurrency? And how difficult or easy was it for you to study and understand it?

Vadim: Well, to be honest, it was a swear word for me when it just appeared. Well, just because.
I lacked knowledge and therefore the first feeling I experienced was rejection. But time went by. Time and the information that I received began to change my outlook on this product. Or this item. This currency. Because, again, why else did it become interesting to me? Because it is fully protected. I mean, relatively speaking, cryptocurrencies are virtual money and are protected by a combination of numbers. So, is it a wallet, or what can you call it? Differently. I mean, no one sees, no one knows who is behind those numbers, who owns that amount. And again, no one knows the amount either. So, confidentiality is an important point in principle, if you want to become successful and prosperous. And have certain funds. Then confidentiality is security; There is also this element in the cryptocurrency. It has interested me because of this as well.

Nikita: How much time, approximately, did it take you to understand some basics and not to worry, not to be afraid anymore?

Vadim: Studying this cryptocurrency market today. There are so many of them, but there is a nuance that was proposed by the company. And faith in the company and faith in its leaders, and in the decency of the leaders, strengthens the attitude towards the cryptocurrency that the company has offered and created. And we use it today.

Nikita: For those people who are watching our video now. And, well, let’s say they don’t have $1,000 in order to immediately purchase an Index CTI 2, but they are very, very interested in it. As an experienced person, what would you advise those people to do? Maybe come to an Index CTI 2 through some other products?

Vadim: Well, by the way, today, Finiko offers a number of products that can really be used as a launching platform. It is for example the cashback service — a unique project. It means that I spend and it returns back to me. I spend, and it returns back to me again. And not in some kind of points. Some kind of bonuses. Or I don’t have to get and use it somewhere in special places. No, this is a regular fiat currency that can be converted via cryptocurrency. And there is no problem.

Nikita: So, would you advise, say, to start with cashback? The entrance there is only $100.

Vadim: $100 is affordable money, which is in principle available to a student or even to a pensioner. It’s fine. Then later, an Index CTI 2 can be purchased for example. And there will already be two programs. I mean, it will already be two baskets. Yes, in the same company, but two different baskets. I like the technology in the company, that today I can invest my funds and manage them by myself. I will probably sound a little bit rude. It is not necessary to invite someone here, to attract and so on. There are 8 programs available, but this is only the beginning. Or is it rather a continuation. What lies ahead of us is… Well, we won’t talk about it today because it can last until the evening. But today I can manage money, having access to various programs, to various products. I can manage my funds in order to increase my income and solve my life problems. So, both an Index CTI 2 and the cashback service help in this. And a number of other programs. So, that is what is attractive. Again, the company always gives you, well, let’s say, methodological instructions. How, where, what, why. You just have to have a desire and delve into it. There is no need to be, say, very intelligent. Here you just need to study the proposals, apply them to yourself, and start just acting.

That’s all.

Nikita: Thank you very much. I think we should finish with these words. Well, I hope that we have answered the questions you had within the framework of this dialogue. Thank you very much. It was very interesting.

Vadim: Thank you.