FNK Token. Interview with Marat Sabirov.

Sergey: Hello everyone, friends. Kanygin Sergey is on the air. Today is the day we will shed light on the FNK token and the structure that surrounds it. Many people wanted to return and teleport in 2009. Let’s see if today is the day when you can do it. I am the partner who cares about our company, about the FNK token. I am a major holder. But today, we will take off rose-tinted glasses. I will pretend to be a skeptic and ask questions to the founder of the FNK token, Marat Sabirov. I am very grateful to him for accepting my invitation and agreeing to answer all tricky questions. Marat, let me fistbump you.

Marat: This is the second proposal I have agreed to. The first was 2 years ago when you asked for a meeting in Kazan. Let’s get started. What are the questions?

Sergey: Okay, Marat. I’ve prepared a list of tricky questions here. I have been studying for the whole week, coming up with them, reading all sorts of forums, watching videos and comments. So, get ready. Let’s do a warm-up. When did the idea of c​reating the FNK project come about?

Marat: Of the project itself or the token? Sergey: Let’s talk about the idea.

Marat: In general, the desire to create a token is my idea. It arose when I was just starting to work with cryptocurrency in 2016–2017. But it was a sky-high dream back then because it would be cool to have your own token. Back then, everyone was just starting to dive into cryptocurrency, but it was still such a liquid form. The second is when Kirill and I started working, and the thought arose: “Why do we use other tokens and not our own?” But then there was no understanding of that need. We did not understand its application. What for did we need it? We didn’t want it to be like that. And in the form in which it has appeared — we began to think about it six months ago, maybe a little more. It also happened so that I had people who were doing such things on my team. At that time, I realized that it was cool to create not just a token, but a token that could be used in everyday life. Simply because the entire market is going in such a way that it is trying to complicate the blockchain cryptocurrency with some technical properties, some new projects that are generally inaccessible to the average user. We proceeded from the opposite. We are probably not the most technologically advanced in this regard, but we are creating a token that anyone can use.

Sergey: I would like to know about the developers. There is no information about them on the website. I would like to know what their background is and if there are any successful cases.

Marat: From a security point of view, I will not name those people. I think everyone understands why. The second is the team. Those are the people who had already had businesses in the cryptosphere. Those are not just people, but people with a license for cryptocurrencies in the company both abroad and in Russia. Many people show pictures, but they do not necessarily coincide with reality. We will better show in practice what we have, that it works, that it can be used. I’m more for that rather than just showing someone.

Sergey: Well, yes, in principle, the experience of 18–19 years have shown that there were different photos, pictures, backgrounds, but in fact, it was just…

Marat: I always treat the background like this: yes, it’s cool, but I look at what a person is doing here and now. That is why I started working with them because I had already worked with them before. They already accomplished some of my tasks, I no longer had any questions about them. It’s good to hear what they did before, but that was before, in other projects. It has nothing to do with what is happening here and now. I relied on the fact that they were already there.

Sergey: Next question. How many tokens do you have as developers? It is believed that if a team has more than 20% of tokens, then this significantly increases the risks of the entire project.

Marat: I’ve always wondered who sets those percentages. Like 20%. I agree with you. We have about the same story, about 19% for the whole team. It’s not just me, Kirill, and others. There are also developers. There is a huge team behind what we currently have. Those are tokens for the entire team. The remaining 81% go to provide exchanges with the liquidity of the token itself. Those are exchangers. We give them the opportunity to sell a token without commission. We are aiming at this. Thus, we increase the turnover of the token, so it will be in demand in the market.

Sergey: Tell us, please, about the code management, about blockchain. Can one person manage all that?

Marat: We proceeded with what was already popular. We coded in the language in which most tokens are programmed. We did not invent anything. It is safe and it is a listing replacement. As for the token itself: in general, every person who has bought the token already controls it. These are the people who look at us from the outside but can buy the token here and now, and then sell it at any time. It’s like a guarantee and security that one can leave the market at any time and stop playing our game. If we are talking about the project itself, then, of course, one person cannot manage everything. There is a lot of work behind the scenes. It is the creation of the interface, crypto cards. It requires competence and it is important to know how to do it and not just be an enthusiast.

Sergey: Can the project provide an invoice that its code has been verified by some reputable auditor?

Marat: Yes, of course, we can. We have passed the very first check on GitHub. They have checked the code for flaws and made a conclusion. The code has also recently passed the second check by one of the exchanges, which means that our token is not money, but it can be exchanged for a ruble, dollar, euro, etc. Most likely, by the time this video is live, we will be listed on another major exchange. I think it already means something. If we are talking about the legal component and security, then not everyone can create a token that will pass several world-scale exchanges. As I have said, we show everything by results, we do not shout. Got listed — showed. I like this story better.

Sergey: Yes, even what you did in the first three days spoke volumes. You were in the top 50. Marat: 26. We are maintaining this level.
Sergey: Out of how many?

Marat: I can’t say for sure, something around 1,000. We ourselves did not expect what happened. We didn’t say where, how. We said about the exchange, but that was enough. Now the main holders are not our partners, they are the people who understand and monitor the tokens. They are watching our case.

Sergey: They follow Marat’s stories on Instagram because that is where such insider information is. When you started showing the token, everyone realized that somewhere, something was starting to happen.

Marat: We showed an unexpected growth of 22,000 something in a couple of days. Those who say that it is impossible to make money in this market, ask others. We did not influence the market in any way. It was important for me not to limit. It was important to see how the market would react. Ups and downs. People started buying the token in the first three hours after the listing. For $20,000, for $50,000. Those were crazy emotions because we hadn’t talked about it anywhere yet.

Sergey: No advertising, no news, no product.

Marat: No. The next step will already be testing on the exchange. The new stage of the token. Then, there will be real use of the token. There will be not only an opportunity to speculate in this market but also to be an investor. Anyone will be able to buy a token, to get cashback.

Sergey: I agree. Well, let’s get back to our, say, codes. The next question. Reliable startups usually have open source codes. Where can I see the code of the FNK token?

Marat: I am thinking. I need to talk to the lawyers who are organizing our project and I think we can place the code on the same website. It was just that everything was done on the go, on the run, like the plans were huge. To keep track of some aspects that do not affect the token itself, the product itself. It only remains to finalize everything. That is, to publish all certificates, legal passages, the code of the token itself. It is a matter of only 5 minutes. We have all of that, so everything will be done. I repeat: “Why to look at the code if the exchange has listed us?” It makes sure that no garbage is published there anyway. They look at the token code itself, at its holders, the number of wallets, the volume of trades. Many people are asking for the code. I get three to four such questions. It turns out that we have a lot of people who understand the token code. Even I do not understand what is written there. I have a team that deals with it. Many have read that the token is considered a guarantee if the developers and code are indicated. But it does not give anything, it does not mean that the token is good. It is just that everyone had read about it and went to look for it. Anyone can create it, it’s not hard to code. Therefore, that is most likely the story of people who just want to get to the bottom.

Sergey: Most of my questions are pretty similar because people ask questions just to ask. Marat: Be involved. No matter from which angle.
Sergey: Are there any plans to switch to your own blockchain or become a cryptocurrency?

Marat: It’s like the story of the token. Once, there was an idea to create our own token. Many people ask why we didn’t create our own blockchain. What for? This is already a clear story for everyone. We have passed all the checks. Why invent a bicycle? We have no way of screwing up now. If we entered the market in order to create our own blockchain for others to use, then probably yes. We have a different story. We want to make it accessible to everyone. Now, the creation of our own blockchain is not so important. We don’t have that much time. We are used to doing everything quickly. Perhaps someday. We’ll see.

Sergey: I see. We have discussed security. And yet, an important point, how are things going in terms of protection against hacker attacks, some other attacks?

Marat: They try to hack us every day. Any platform that deals with some kind of finance — often comes under the gaze of scammers, hackers. But I work with guys who can stand it all. I watch everything. You can’t get away from it. But all the money is safe. Everything is good.

Sergey: If someone asked you what exactly the FNK token was, what would you say?

Marat: If we are talking about the token itself as a token, then there are a billion of them. We haven’t invented anything new. But what is behind it? This token can be applied anywhere. We could use any other cryptocurrency, but what exactly is behind it is more important. Cards, crypto pawnshop, cashback. This token is the same as others. I have recently created a CryptoSchool where everyone can learn to sell. When you can buy something with the token itself, it’s cool. I am going to ensure that the

token is as liquid as possible in terms of how it can be spent, multiplied, and money earned. As one of my partners says: “It should be so that your mom could go and use this package.” That’s what is cool. You can put a couple of tokens on the card for mom, and she will buy herself boots for example.

Sergey: My friends are working according to your strategy — they sit at home and earn money. Let me remind you, friends, that Marat is, in principle, the person who started the whole cryptocurrency movement in the company. This man has opened Kirill Doronin’s eyes in terms of cryptocurrency.

Marat: Kirill says so too. I’m flattered by that.
Sergey: And we have the next question. What is the growth potential of the FNK token?

Marat: This follows from everything that I have said. There were many requests to make it possible to buy the token from a personal account. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want those who do not understand what was happening to buy it. Therefore, in the first couple of hours, everyone who at least somehow understood what it was, began to plunge into that, although we had not even announced anything. It is always important for me to give a person the opportunity to figure everything out by themselves. When a person figures everything out, they ask a minimum of stupid questions. I have a post about it. You can spend a little money just for the experience. It will all pay off. Everything is moving towards digitalization. Now, it is important to understand how to do it all. Otherwise, in the future, your son will come up to you and ask why you yourself have not figured it out. Imagine that your neighbor drives a new car, someone else has built a new house, and you live in a 10 m2-apartment.

Sergey: And we don’t believe in this story.

Marat: Yes, because it is a bubble. It will burst. But in fact, everything changes. Therefore, it is important that you understand and figure it out yourself. This is how a completely new market where you can help others opens up. Take, say, another 0.5% commission for what others buy. Here’s another business for you. A large field for making money opens up when you understand the crypto market. You don’t have to be a professional trader, set levels, draw up a chart. In a year, the number of people willing to enter this story will be even greater, and you will earn money by selling cryptocurrency to your network or helping others figure it out. Create your online course. This is also an option.

Sergey: Actually, I wanted to ask a question. Will there be some resource that will open the doors to this new world?

Marat: For an ordinary user?

Sergey: Yes, for that neighbor for example.

Marat: We are striving for an application where you can buy FNK with any card. There is already one step remaining. Many people cannot accept or deposit money on Russian debit cards. We have also launched another payment system project in Canada. We have done everything to be independent in the crypto banking area. I probably do not talk about anything on social media, although many people ask. But I prefer showing everything in practice.

Sergey: Anyway, it is very interesting to do all this watching you, because your backstage is very cool. I highly recommend making your blog on Instagram.

Marat: If I still remember.

Sergey: Follow Marat. We will be waiting for the content about how they are relaxing. And now I will read this question out loud because it is very long. Locked liquidity means that the ethers that go to the address of the contract cannot be stolen, but many serious investors did not go to FNK, because they do not have such a thing. They go in to add 10 million tokens there, come in, and withdraw 2 million.

Marat: Let’s make it clear. First: big holders, big investors — who are they? We have third-party holders who have nothing to do with the company. They have bought the token for $1,000,000. Is it a big holder or not? I think it’s quite a big one. Considering that we initially had the same amount of liquidity. Second: regarding safety. We are working on that, but here the question is about the need for big investors. I just look at it this way: if there is a big investor, they can influence the market. It’s safer for me to have 1,000 holders of 100 FNK than one holder for 1,000,000. It’s safer for me. One person cannot manipulate the market. It’s a matter of strategy. Initially, we have not been aiming at having three or four big players who would purchase large volumes and then exit and take out the entire market. That would be risky for us as well. Why would we need that? The listing on the exchange already speaks volumes. We act according to the market. If you need it, then we will do it. We are open.

Sergey: You are great at answering questions. For me personally, everything is very clear. Marat: So, I have learned everything, yes.

Sergey: I see. Next question. What does the accumulation and retention of the token give, besides the possibility of potential growth of the token itself?

Marat: At this stage, most likely, it is more important for further growth. We need to understand that we are going in the right direction. This is the first thing. Secondly, when there are more holders, the exchange will look at us with greater enthusiasm. We are not just a token that has just entered the exchange and is trying to breakthrough. It is important why exactly someone went down in history. At this stage, I don’t like asking for anything. Many people write to me that they have bought it only because they are grateful to the company. They show respect. It doesn’t even matter for them to do something in this project.

Sergey: You took the words right out of my mouth. Let me remind you that now I am in the role of a skeptic, so I should not say such things. Marat, I’m going to ask you the next question. What other opportunities do the FNK project itself and its token offer?

Marat: I have already mentioned the story of the products themselves. Those are the crypto card with the ability to pay and receive a cashback, the crypto pawnshop, the school.

Sergey: How much can one earn?

Marat: It all depends on the volume. The more people there are, the higher the token liquidity will be. There will be more volumes, and not just investors, but professional traders will be interested in us. They see the volume. It doesn’t matter how much you have in liquidity. It is more important for professional traders. Now, it is important to involve them. It is more important. The token itself is liquid. We are moving towards increasing the volumes by making it possible to use the token. So that you can go and spend. Everything gives volume. Speaking of the next indicators I am striving for, that is $35 per token. Those are the volumes at which we will already be interesting not only to speculators but also to professional traders.

Sergey: And here comes the question: on which exchanges is the token traded in general, and what is the liquidity?

Marat: At the moment, it is one exchange. The trading volume is somewhere around $4,600 per day, and not everyone can trade on the Uniswap exchange. Now, for many who just want to test, the commission is high. So, when everything will be on the exchange, the commission will be minimal, and there will be more people already.

Sergey: How did the market react to the appearance of the token?

Marat: We were shocked, of course. When it soared up to $22–25, I got a fear of uncontrollability of the process. We did not count on such growth. We thought that everything would happen gradually. At the $15–17 level, I didn’t know what would happen next. We had some kind of plan, but it went wrong somewhere. But it is interesting that the market reacted, the support level of $10–12 appeared, and I did nothing. It was important for me to find out at what psychological mark the market was at that moment. That’s cool. I understand that now for any user, the token costs $10–12. A good price. Although a month ago no one would have said that we would grow up like that. This is very cool.

Sergey: And who are the holders of the token: ordinary people who have nothing to do with the project or are they the partners?

Marat: This is a decentralized market, so I can’t say for sure. I look at it this way: there are big holders, I understand that they are the local guys, they have not only our token on their wallets but also others. It warms my soul that our token is their priority. I think, there are different kinds of holders. Those who say that our token is for the domestic market — so what’s wrong with that?

Sergey: Marat, thank you again for your detailed answer. Cool coffee cup, by the way. The question: how many users and wallets are there in the token project?

Marat: At the moment there are about 4,500 wallets.

Sergey: The next question. Why so few? Do people mistrust the project or the token?

Marat: what does it mean few? The token is a month and a half. It hasn’t been formed yet, a baby. This story is not that popular. Not every token, be it, say, one year old, has such a quantity. You understand that we are currently at the very beginning, and we already have that much. Imagine that each partner buys one or ten FNK. Now it is difficult to buy, difficult to understand, not many are willing to spend time on this, unfortunately. Therefore, when we give the opportunity to do this in an easy way, the number will multiply tenfold in a very short period of time.

Sergey: Marat, let’s talk about development now. In the roadmap on the website, the listing on one of the exchanges on April 1 is indicated. But isn’t it an April Fool’s joke? It turns out that this is insider information, thanks to which it is possible to predict the growth of the token.

Marat: We took this moment into account, so by the time of the release of this video, we will already have been listed on another exchange. On one of the largest exchanges in the top 10. We deliberately made more time for preventing speculators from influencing the market. When we announce another exchange, the token will already be there. It’s not even April 1st, it will be earlier.

Sergey: Cool.

Marat: Those who are watching, I think you will already be able to find the link to the exchange in the description box.

Sergey: And how will the process of cashing out be executed? With those exchanges or other services? Marat: Cash for whom? For users? Just exchange it. Anytime. Take profit.

Sergey: Since we are talking about insider information, please tell us what is the next price level for the FNK token? How do you see it? Don’t answer if you don’t want to.

Marat: Then I won’t answer. I don’t want to. What price? As I have said, it’s $35. Why? Because I understand that with this volume… How will we achieve this? We will get listed on the exchange, hence attract the exchange players themselves. This will give a new movement, a new impulse. We have calculated the $35 level by volume. We will be going towards it in the same way as we have come to $10. Splash, adjustment, fixation. We will most likely rise to 50, and then 35 will be the norm. Yes, we have grown and adjusted. Then it will be necessary to build on that.

Sergey: Where is the token currently used?

Marat: Now it is already used in Index 2. We decided to make it so that people would not just look at us as a guarantee, but also decide themselves when to exit the market. We educate people in the sphere of cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency industry so that they take a little responsibility. It is important for us to have not only people who have money but also those who understand where it comes from.

Sergey: Continuing this topic, how will the token grow steadily? I mean, those people who will get it through Index 2 will receive, withdraw, and sell it, right?

Marat: Well, do you yourself believe that 100% of people will be selling this token?

Sergey: Of course not.

Marat: That is what we were counting on. But even if everyone will be selling, it will give volumes.

Sergey: And promotion.

Marat: In other words, if we bought 100,000 tokens, accrued, and then sold. The volume has increased. We will grow anyway. The price will go up. Everything is interconnected.

Sergey: My personal question. They are going to implement such a feature in Index 2 which will allow regulating the accrual of interest. Could you do the same function for Index 1?

Marat: Add the feature to Index 1? We haven’t thought about it, honestly. In general, we could provide such an opportunity. We’ll think. Discuss the risks, calculate everything. We have to see whether we need it. What if there will be some kind of uncontrollable process? It is better to grow gradually.

Sergey: We have just discussed where the FNK token is currently used. Where do you plan to use other services and products?

Marat: I say, the cards will be shortly launched. We’ll see. Everything is moving towards issuing the cards earlier.

Sergey: Then the next question. According to the roadmap, on February 28, it is planned to launch and issue MasterCard FNK Gold cards, isn’t it?

Marat: Do you know what Gold is? This is when you will be immediately given a priority pass. You will have access to any business hall.

Sergey: Cool.

Marat: I think that for many partners of the 10th star, it does not cause any delight, but for ordinary users, it is an additional bonus. We have been told that we could make cards with or without them. Of course, we have chosen to add it.

Sergey: Another question. Are the deadlines being met? Was this service launched on schedule?

Marat: I say, we were expecting the cards to be ready earlier, but considering that we are a little lazy, we may do something wrong, and this is also normal. That’s all right.

Sergey: This is allowed.

Marat: Of course, this is not mathematics. There are a lot of factors here, not just go and do it yourself, there are a lot of elements. In principle, we meet the deadlines.

Sergey: Great. Here on the website, one of the advantages of using the entire system is the purchase of cryptocurrency with a 20% discount. Do I understand correctly that an ordinary user can purchase currency with a 20% discount on this service and sell it at the market price on another exchange?

Marat: Look, 25% of the commission, not of the cryptocurrency itself. If everything was like that, then I would be sitting and selling myself. This is exactly about the commission. Most of the services impose a 0.5% fee for purchasing with a card or an exchanger. If you pay in a local currency, the commission is lower. With FNK, it will be cheaper.

Sergey: Are payments with your card and the card itself anonymous?

Marat: What do you mean by anonymous? Whatever the card is, they see the payments anyway, there are no anonymous cards.

Sergey: Will this information be accessible to the bailiffs, some authorities, etc.?
Marat: It is difficult to answer. It depends on the country. It is also important to understand. Sergey: And what kind of cards will there be?

Marat: The cards will be Russian and European. There will be an opportunity to choose. Rubles will be for Russian cards, and dollars — for European, although they are insisting on pounds. But pounds are more difficult to work with.

Sergey: And if I have a dollar card, then I will pay in the store and… Marat: The Russians won’t see your transaction?

Sergey: No. I have a card. A dollar one. I’m going to pay in a Russian store — will I have any higher commissions?

Marat: Of course, because of double conversion. Sergey: And back?

Marat: The second point. You cannot top up your European card with another card. You cannot top up a dollar card with a ruble card. And ours will be replenished with a dollar one.

Sergey: Cool. Does anyone on the market have similar advantages and goodies?

Marat: There is no such thing. I mean, there is no such thing in the Russian market with a ruble card. We are the pioneers.

Sergey: This is again an advantage.

Marat: So-so. Depending on the goal you are pursuing. But it’s better to be within the framework of legal activity. We cannot influence the transaction history on where the money was spent, which we presented to the tax authorities. It is better to pay tax and live happily. The state when you are a millionaire, but you cannot spend it.

Sergey: I really like that you and your team are promoting this philosophy with taxes.

Marat: I would really like to become some kind of structure. To become number 1 in this area to help use cryptocurrency in Russia. One way or another, we are going towards this.

Sergey: The service that I am going to ask you about will allow you to do this. This is the FNK Credit service.

Marat: A pawnshop.

Sergey: Yes. In my opinion, it is a very convenient and demanded service. Let’s say, I have 1 bitcoin. I give it to you, you give me money, and literally in 3 weeks, I need to return it. Bitcoin has grown by the same amount during that time.

Marat: We will return your bitcoin.

Sergey: What if I do not have that amount at the moment? Can I pay off with the bitcoin that I have as collateral? Leave 0.5% with you, and take 0.5% for me?

Marat: I think there will be such an opportunity. Crypto pawnshop is a project which will be after the application, after the card. We have not yet done all the mathematics thoroughly. I know there are projects that simply store bitcoin. But I have not seen our project anywhere else.

Sergey: It’s the same as with the cards. They have been talking about them for 5 years, but very few have come to this. Likewise about pawnshops.

Marat: Only a few have come to this. We are involved in both this and that story.

Sergey: The next pawnshop situation. I gave you one bitcoin, you gave me $30,000. After 2 weeks, I need to repay the debt, but at this time, it does not rise, but falls to $10,000, for example. Why would I give 30,000, when I can leave 1 bitcoin to you, and go and buy 3 bitcoins myself? Will my credit history deteriorate in the project?

Marat: These are already the aspects we have not yet thought about. It is important here what our position will be. Whether it is important for us that the person returns, or it is important for us that everyone is in the black. That nobody has lost anything. It is too early to talk about it yet.

Sergey: I would like to know what the FNK token is for you. In general, this whole idea, the whole platform. And what do you expect from it in 5 years?

Marat: What is it for me? I like the idea that in 5–7 years, my son will be in first grade, and he will be asked who his father is. And he will not start telling about the things I do, but simply point to the token and say that I created it… It is very cool. The very idea that you are positioned not as a successful person, but as a person who has created something more than success. Let it be 20% who will use our card. It will mean that every 5th person will already know about the token. You come to another country and see your office, card… That’s cool. To be involved in some kind of game, sphere — yes, it’s interesting to me. To create a product that will be used by a large number of people. I don’t even care about profit.

Sergey: I have run out of questions. All that remains is to thank you and finish our productive and informative conversation. Kanygin Sergey and Sabirov Marat were with you. All the best. See you soon.

Marat: Not really. You know, I have a couple of counter questions. I’ve said that we are always on the move, constantly analyzing the market. My questions are a little primitive and clear, I think you will understand. First: how long have you been in the crypto market? Are you a beginner who has heard about it with us or do you have experience of buying and making money in this market?

Sergey: I have been in the crypto market since 2013–2014. I had a draft drinks store, so to say. Then, I was a seller and a loader in my store.

Marat: It is like the story of any successful entrepreneur.

Sergey: Yes, I had the whole day free, and in the evening, there was some action. And I was monitoring the Internet all day, doing all that. Then, I printed out a bitcoin logo for myself and placed it in the shop in my village, meaning that I was accepting payments in cryptocurrency. My friends who were visiting my shop said that I was sectarian. They were whispering about me. Literally, in 2 years, those who were saying something about me, asked their friends to call me and find out how to install a mining farm. That was the situation.

Marat: I do not care what they call me, but I will still go towards my goals. The second question. I know that you have bought it, but let’s pretend I don’t. Are you an FNK holder?

Sergey: Actually, yes. I am quite a big token holder. I see potential in it. It is the very beginning. I also convey its prospects to my partners. I tell everyone to get it.

Marat: Now no one calls you a sectarian. Sergey: No, no.
Marat: At what price did you enter?

Sergei: On the first night, I saw that it began to grow exponentially from one dollar. I realized that I needed to sort it out urgently. The token was growing, but anyway, we bought it at night and woke up already being millionaires.

Marat: Probably you went to seep being millionaires too.

Sergey: We immediately texted everyone in the chat to buy it. Well, I have recently bought it for a serious amount at a price of $10. After this broadcast, I think I’ll buy more.

Marat: Have you already recorded? Or maybe there are people around you who have earned money? I know a dude who had bought and then left. He said that he had never held such money in his hands. He did not know what to do. Such a moment when you earn $27,000 at a time. Then he entered again with 90%.

Sergey: If you made a profit, then, yes, you can experiment. I confess, I also exited, because it was important for me to find out if I could do it. I went out, held the amount, and then deposited it back. I stocked up again for $8,000. I would like to say that it is nice to sit here with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marat. I hope that we will continue to do this in the future, to broadcast this idea to the masses.

Marat: The question is, why exactly did you decide to get involved in this story? Some kind of certainty is also needed. You can’t just buy any token. Why exactly did you believe in the FNK token?

Sergey: To begin with, I trust you as much as possible, because we have gone a long way with the company. You should not even ask why. My team and I will go wherever you go. But I look, I assess the risks, I treat it adequately. Any outcome can happen. We are going forward.

Marat: The last question. When are you planning to exit? You asked me the question about the price I see. And I am asking you, “What do you see?” I base my plan on numbers, but it is important for me to know what the outsider thinks. In every investment deal, it is important to understand when you will close it. There must be a strategy.

Sergey: You should have probably asked me first. Now it makes no sense to say that I will be standing at $50–100, although I can already clearly see this level. Because this project is not for six months. It will be developing for a long time, so I cannot answer. We’ll see. If a listing happens, then even you won’t be able to answer. The market is such an unpredictable thing. You will go to the exchange, and the token will cost not $35, but $50. You will see that it has grown so much without you so that the proverb “You cannot touch your eye with your elbow” will be appropriate.

Marat: The worst thing is the lost profit. It is better to try.

Sergey: Marat, thank you. I am sure that those partners who are watching us are also grateful. Continuing the topic of missed opportunities — in my life, it also happened once in 2013, when bitcoin cost $400 and I had the resources to purchase it. But I didn’t. Now I am glad and proud to be here, with you, in this chair, in this cool project that has a future. I would like to end our today’s informative broadcast with Marat’s biceps. Show the tattoo, please.

Marat: This is probably such credit of trust for everyone already. The story of the tattoo. Back in 2015, I looked at entrepreneurs who were making tattoos of their company logos and thought: “It’s cool, but I won’t do it. I have just created a company yesterday.” This means that the company has become not just a name for you, but it is already in your veins. The company and you are already one thing. Everything is being realized. If I want something, then it will be.

Sergey: Sergey Kanygin and Marat Sabirov were with you. See you next time.