How to become a Vice President?

Ilgiz Shakirov: What does the morning start with? The morning begins with coffee. Well, at least for me it is such a good energy booster. People are divided into “owls” and “larks”. Someone is ready to get up early, and someone is ready to stay up late. I am a “night owl”, and a real one. And I don’t feel like a human until I drink coffee. Good morning.

Now, I have woken up. Actually, we are currently on vacation. I have just achieved the vice president qualification. Of course, it is very nice, even unexpectedly. I will try to tell how I did it in such a short period of time, the system. And I will share tools that will help you achieve the same result.

Here comes the question of how I achieved such qualification at all. Initially, there was no such task. My initial goal was to preserve capital, although small, but, anyway, it was only the initial task. And there are a lot of commercial proposals around. It is very difficult to understand them if you are not an expert. For such cases, I have identified the factors that would reduce the risks of losing money for myself, because I understand that there is no guarantee. Especially in the financial market. There are 5 factors that allow me to assess a company objectively today. They allow me to minimize my risks. What are the 5 factors? First, it is very important for me to be at the helm, that is, to lead the company. It is very important that a person has some kind of experience in an entrepreneurial environment so that I could understand what he has done, for example, in 10 years. A personal meeting is crucial. It is important for me to understand what his vector is, why he made this project. After that, I move on to the second criterion — the team. I see who is next to him. Why? Because when you are alone, then you are an individual entrepreneur, and if you are a businessman, then you have a group of people who should be experts in their field. It is also very important for me to meet with them to determine how competent they are. The third factor that reduces risk is a money-multiplying mechanism that works without new people entering the company. Why? Because most people have a task in their heads to find a kind of pyramidality. Yes, and so do I. And my task is to determine how the company makes money without new investors. If everything is built on the principle of accepting and distributing funds, then it is a financial pyramid. And for me, it is very important that the company is engaged in real business. It can be services, goods, so, what the company is built on. It is important to clarify it. The fourth factor is legality. It is very important to me that the company I am in does not violate the laws of the country where I live. Or the laws of other countries. The most important thing is that it is as transparent as possible. And the most important, fifth factor, is viable ideas. I really want the company’s products to enter the market without external motivation, that is, without a manager. For example, there is a small child. He loves orange juice very much. He does not need to be motivated to drink it. But, if you give a child hot milk with foam, then, most likely, you will need to explain to him why he should drink it. And this element is very important. It is very important that the company’s products are successful and that customers want to buy those products themselves. If those requirements are met, it means that the company has a very reliable safety bag. Those are very strong criteria. If I honestly answer positively to each of them, then, most likely, the company will remain in the market for a very long time. It fits my criteria. Preservation and growth of capital. And only then, I set a goal to tell my relatives and friends about the company, which then develops into something global, large-scale.

How to retain the qualification of a vice president? Actually, I will sound pompous, but there is a great responsibility behind it. Today, there are 50,000 people on my team. That is a lot of work. You understand that besides the fact that you have partners, people, there is also a team that realizes its goals and objectives. And when they ask me: “How to achieve high-rank qualifications?” It is necessary to build relationships with people. When you have partners who want to achieve results, they need help. You can help them in different ways: holding meetings, various seminars. It can be some kind of personal work, goal setting. To simplify, you need 10 people, 10 so-called generals who have reached

the qualification of 10 stars, who have done it. To become a vice president, you need 10 people who have achieved 10 stars. It means that your partners achieve some result. They already have some kind of influence. Our task is to make their dreams and goals come true. And the company perfectly helps with it. A very important moment in building a business today is the uniqueness of the moment. It is a rare case when you come across a company that offers different products. For example, today, partners can pay off loans for 35% or buy cars for 35%. I am absolutely sure that everyone wants to drive a car that costs $13,000 more or live in a $40,000 more expensive apartment. And now, a unique product that is moving across our planet in more than 100 countries has appeared. That is the cashback service. The company has created a platform that allows you to get cashback for absolutely everything. The base rate is 15%. For fuel, bread, clothes, and other monthly spendings. Today, we will begin to gradually occupy the market. That is where a kind of entrepreneurial greed comes in. You have two options. First, someone will do it for you — someone will promote this product. Or you can do it because each of us has a group of people that we can influence in some way. The statistics are different, reaching up to 1,000 people. What can I do? I can teach a person financial literacy and to multiply capital through the basic things that we do every day. At that moment, you understand that everyone needs it. You always have the right to choose.

Question: What’s the next goal?

Ilgiz: My next goal is to become a president.

Question: How much do you earn?

Ilgiz: I earn according to the marketing plan. People often ask me this question. And I always say: “If I understand correctly, you are interested in a marketing plan. Let’s talk about it.”

Question: How much time a day do you spend on your phone?

Ilgiz: 8–12 hours. It is not precisely. Probably more.

Question: What goals did you set after Club 20, and which of them have you accomplished?

Ilgiz: I wanted to conduct a training for 1,000 people. When I counted the number of people who participated in it, I got 1,760. Conclusion: do not underestimate your goals.

Question: What is your most expensive purchase in the last six months?

Ilgiz: The most expensive purchase over the past six months is education. First, today I have the opportunity to communicate with the best coaches, with the best speakers, and learn from them. I believe that this is the most expensive, the coolest thing that helps me to develop.

Q: How much is the car you have rented today?

Ilgiz: About $1,500 per day.

Question: What motivates you?

Ilgiz: I am motivated by the result of my partners, my clients. Burning eyes of people who can pay off their loans, buy cars, real estate. Those are partners who go to a completely different level, it’s nice.

Question: What is your dream?

Ilgiz: A dream? A dream. Of course, I have one. It’s just that in different periods of time a person’s dream is different. Today, for example, for a very long time I have been looking for what motivates me. My dream, a dream that has come true. I studied to be a historian and became a doctor. Now, I cure people of financial illiteracy. But my dream today is to have 100 dollar millionaires on my team. The dream is almost near to achievement. I think that next year I will achieve this dream. What’s next? Time will tell.