How to buy Lexus RX with Finiko?

Dilyara: Hello, everyone. We are in Kazan, and we have arrived at the embankment to film a Lexus RX car. And now, I would like to introduce Denis to you. Denis, hello!

Denis: Hello, Dilyara! Hello, everyone! I am an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience, I have my own small furniture manufacturing. Since I was 18, I have been working only for myself and did not research other programs. After 18 years, I realized that my potential is much greater than what I had at that stage. I wanted development, relationships, meetings, some new information, and new people.

Dilyara: Did you want to go higher?

Denis: Yes, I wanted to surround myself with more successful people. I didn’t know what to do.

Dilyara: When did you want it?

Denis: It was two years ago. I didn’t know what to do, but my inner instinct told me that I needed to change something in my life. By the will of fate, I met two good guys. They invited me to a meeting. And the idea to gather our own community was born at that meeting. At the current stage, the community is called “Fora”.

Dilyara: What kind of community is it?

Denis: It is a community where we surround ourselves with an information flow and communicate altogether.

Dilyara: Who are “we”? Who is gathering there?
Denis: “We” are all people who are ready to develop as I do. Businessmen, investors. Dilyara: Well, yes, I wanted to ask, what kind of people are there in particular?

Denis: Businessmen, investors, perhaps some freelancers. It even happens that employed people come and want to move to a new level of development, and they need to surround themselves with people.

Dilara: Okay, so this is how you decided to surround yourself with people, right?

Denis: Yes. Surrounding myself with people in this club, I met…

Dilyara: And not just with people, but with those, from whom you can learn.

Denis: Exactly, yes. With those people, from whom I could learn. I got familiar with the Finiko company. Namely, Ilgiz Shakirov introduced it to me. I am very grateful to him for that.

Dilyara: Did everything happen in the same club?

Denis: Yes, in the same club. Through this club, I managed to reach Ilgiz. And the chain of connections has led to the fact that we are driving this wonderful car now.

Dilyara: Two years later?
Denis: Two years later, no, about two years.
Dilyara: Okay, you met Ilgiz Shakirov. Did he tell you?
Denis: He told, shared his result, told about what he wanted, where he was going. Dilyara: Where he was going in terms of goals, right?

Denis: In business, yes. He decided to connect his business with Finiko and explained all the advantages of this company. At that time, I was prepared for such a conversation and said that I also wanted to try.

Dilyara: Prepared how?

Denis: Due to the thinking that I had developed.
Dilyara: So, you had already gradually changed your thinking.

Denis: Of course. I had already had an open mind that had been looking for something new in this life. I was already prepared, and I was “getting into all the bad stuff.” We talked, and I bought the first CTI. And after a certain time, I realized that I could trust this company. I completely figured out the internal details and gradually, in parallel with my business, I began to develop an investment theme. Then, such products as AT35 appeared — buying a car for 35%. I was one of the first who entered this program and step by step…

Dilyara: So, this Lexus is actually, are you talking about this car?

Denis: Yes, I am talking about this car. This Lexus was among the first bought cars, or one of the first cars when there was not an automatic mode yet.

Dilyara: You mean, when the documents were drawn up manually?
Denis: I think it was in December.
Dilyara: Since we are talking about buying a car for 35% of the cost, let’s go over the prices. Denis: Let’s go over the prices. On average, this car costs $35,900.
Dilyara: So, you were ready for $35,900?

Denis: I was not yet ready for $35,900 back then, I was ready for $18,600. To get $18,600, I entered the program with a 35% advance fee — that’s $6,500.

Dilyara: Did you contribute $6,500?
Denis: Yes, I did. Then, the company offered to buy a car in three months.

Dilyara: Yes. At that time, it was in 3 months, guys. Sometimes, many people write comments below our posts asking: “Why are you talking about 3 months?” It’s just that sometimes we do not shoot a car right at a dealership, sometimes it is not possible. And now, after a long time, we are filming a video about the car of Denis. But he has bought it in 3 months. Now, the program already implies 4 months. That’s all, I’m sorry, I’ve interrupted you.

Denis: It’s okay. And, after 3 months, I realized that I did not have enough money for my dream. I extended the contract for another 1 month, which was, I guess, 15%, more or less. And in a month, I had a sum of about $21,200. But again, it was not enough for a dream.

Dilyara: It turns out that your dream has appeared in the process, right? Denis: That was my initial dream, to buy this Lexus.
Dilyara: He touches it so gently.

Denis: I dreamed about it, I wanted it. After all, how does a car come to you? In terms of finance, I could afford a cheaper brand. But my dream wanted a more expensive car. At the moment, when the car was in the program. I expected the payments. I began to build the structure, started to recommended the Finiko company to my friends and acquaintances. And step by step, my structure began to work without me. Referral payments and an increase in the cash flow allowed me, by the time when I had the money — $21,200. They allowed me to add another $14,600, and…

Dilyara: So you added the money you had earned, right?

Denis: The money I earned at Finiko. I was able to add that amount due to the cash flow, and $35,900 became mine. My Lexus and my dream. My dream has come true. Now I sit behind this wonderful wheel only for two or three days so far, because there was a pandemic, I went on vacation for two weeks. For two weeks I was kind of resting. And also, this car was a little encumbered by the bank.

Dilyara: So, you had to wait for a little for your dream, right?

Denis: It delayed a little. And just yesterday or the day before yesterday, I was able to feel this level of my leap’s development.

Dilyara: Why did you need exactly Lexus? You say, “My dream is Lexus.” Denis: It is energy.
Dilyara: Is it energy for you?

Denis: It is energy and it is some kind of floor you have to rely on. When a person strives and achieves his goal, and it becomes realized. It is such a feeling of inner freedom and inner happiness. Let the car itself be considered a liability, but it is a benefit, which is necessary for moving further, so that there is energy, so that you want, so that you succeed, so that you share your result. These are the most important things.

Dilyara: Well, yes, of course.

Denis: You get a good income, but you drive a cheap car — it’s incompatible. In general, the car is the first thing to start with, although I do not advise everyone to start with a car.

Dilyara: Do you mean the program?

Denis: Yes, the program. But I don’t advise everyone to start with a car. In order to understand where to move in Finiko, it is still necessary to draw up a financial plan. In order to determine what amount you possess, what money you can afford to invest in this or that program, and understand for yourself why you need a car or why you need this or that purchase that you are making.

Dilyara: Now yes, now there are many more programs — also Finiko.PRODUCT and Finiko.LIFE.

Denis: We don’t keep up, honestly. We do not have time to learn about new programs in more detail, because every month, a new program is launched. The programs are all wonderful, the programs are all for the people.

Dilyara: Listen, do you keep doing your business?

Denis: Yes, my business continues to work, as they say: “You need your own cow”. I want to delegate it. Literally today, I was discussing it…

Dilyara: Why delegate?

Denis: Delegate, because I’m doing not what is important. And what is important? Important is what gives more cash flow. You devote yourself and more time to what is less profitable. And there, you understand what is important for you in life and what is not important. And in general, the topic of attitudes and investment approaches is closer to me at this stage. And I want to give up the business and go completely into this area. I didn’t stop at the car, and I have tried to enter…

Dilyara: So, “Car” was the first program…

Denis: “Car” was the first program, and the second program for me was ZK35 — Pay off a loan for 35% of the outstanding balance.

Dilyara: Have you paid off a loan as well? Have you repaid it already?

Denis: I’m paying off the loan. Now, my third payment will be on August 10. Dilyara: How much was your debt?

Denis: It was $6,600. I could pay it off with my profit, but I thought it would be more profitable this way. I decided to try it.

Dilyara: You can also pay off a loan for 35% at Finiko.

Denis: Why did I do that? Because there are a lot of people around me now who are interested in the Finiko company and its products. And I need to show the result before advising something. It is necessary. Guys, if you are in doubt, I personally enter all the programs myself. I’m risking myself.

Dilyara: So, it turns out that $6,600 was the remaining amount of your debt. And how much were the 35%?

Denis: Approximately, about $1,800–2,000.

Dilyara: And you have already been paid for 3 months.

Denis: The third month will be on August 10.

Dilyara: What amount do you get monthly?

Denis: About $700.

Dilyara: And how much did you pay before?

Denis: And if I would be repaying it myself, I would be paying $240.

Dilyara: And for how long?

Denis: For 5 years. 5 long years, for 60 months, I would be loading myself with a bunch of payments every month.

Dilyara: And now, you are doing well, the loan will be paid off within about 10 months.

Denis: What is very convenient, what I have noticed is that at the moment when you deposit 35% of the cost of your loan, you completely forget about the loan. Because the Finiko company takes over all the obligations. And you do not need to look for that $240 every month when it is always not there when you need it.

Dilyara: Well, are you writing about early repayment?

Denis: Of course, I always attach a receipt for early repayment. I suppose that is the requirement of the company.

Dilyara: In general, you can find more details about all programs at, or there are other videos on our YouTube channel. That is, all the information is available on all official channels. Just in case if anyone is wondering how it works. We even have a calculator.

Denis: Yes, there is a calculator, which is very convenient by the way. You go in, press a few buttons, and the program provides you all the calculations: how much money you need to deposit, what are the tax deductions. Everything is simple and very convenient there, you don’t even need to understand it much. I haven’t finished, I have also entered…

Dilyara: Oh, are there even more programs?
Denis: Yes, I also have a repaid mortgage. Just yesterday, I paid off my 20-year mortgage. Dilyara: For how much have you paid it off?

Denis: Thanks to the Finiko company, the 20-year mortgage was worth, the debt was worth, the amount was about $43,800. If I was paying it myself, I would have paid about $119,700 of overpayments. And since I was able to improve my cash flow thanks to Finiko and the structure creation, I was able to pay off the mortgage with my own funds utilizing the profit. I did not enter this program, but according to the financial plan, I realized that it would be more profitable to pay it off right away and, perhaps, I would have money left to try several more programs in the near future. For example, the crypto card or the cashback service.

Dilyara: Don’t you use the cashback service yet? Are you collecting receipts?

Denis: I am using it, I am already collecting all the checks, uploading them to the app, look at the numbers, the numbers come back, and I explain it to people…

Dilyara: It’s really so funny. Do not they react to you at stores, like: “Why are you doing this”?

Denis: There are two options for income: 1. Income due to profit, 2. Income due to cost reduction. I believe that it is also an option, it also needs to be done.

Dilyara: By the way, we also have a new Promo related to the cashback service. You can check on our channels, all conditions are on the official pages.

Denis: Cashback works, I checked it on myself. The car program, I checked it myself. The mortgage is paid off, I checked on myself. The loan is being repaid, I checked it myself. Recommend.

Dilyara: I checked all the programs on myself.

Denis: I checked almost all the programs on myself, the only remaining are Finiko.PRODUCT and Finiko.LIFE.

Dilyara: You have bought yourself a cool car, you have paid off the mortgage.

Denis: Dilyara, I forgot, I have also entered the second AT35 program. Yes, it will be in the month of October.

Dilyara: The second car will be in October. Is it for your wife?

Denis: I wanted to make a gift for my wife and entered for the second car.

Dilyara: Does your wife know? And in the video…

Denis: Of course, she knows, she is looking forward to it so much, and thus, she was very motivated and even became a partner of Finiko herself.

Dilyara: Come on! Is she on your team?

Denis: She is on my team, in the first line. We don’t know yet what kind of car it will be. But most likely, it will also be a Lexus model — Lexus NX, Lexus ES, maybe.

Dilyara: Okay, in October you will call me and say: “We are filming!”. You will show it then. So, you are providing your wife with a car soon.

Denis: And I have also bought an apartment.

Dilyara: Another one, you mean?

Denis: I have also taken it through the program. I have entered to buy a second car and buy an apartment for 35%. And in October, I will receive my payments for the apartment and for the car.

Dilyara: So, are we filming your family in October? Denis: Absolutely.

Dilyara: Cars. Probably, by that time, you will already have used PRODUCT and tell about it as well?

Denis: Maybe, maybe.
Dilyara: I led to the fact that you have already met the basic needs. Denis: I have met them and now, there is a question…
Dilyara: What are your feelings, tell me? And what are your next goals?

Denis: The feeling of a new level of development in my life, the feeling is beyond words when there is an opportunity to plan, there is an opportunity to distribute and already accelerate at a higher speed. It is such a new level of transition to the big circle. It is very attractive.

Dilyara: And what about the plans?

Denis: I want to increase my capitalization in the Finiko company. I want to start building my diversification portfolio thanks to the Finiko company and my cash flow. In other various instruments, such as the stock market, bankruptcy trading, perhaps, purchases of apartments at a discount. I mean, not just for 35 percent, but you can buy apartments at a discount through bankruptcy auctions. Plus, if you also use the cashback service, it will be even cheaper.

Dilyara: Well, today, we have shot a very interesting case with Denis. Denis has told not only about how he has received a car for 35%, but also how he has paid off a mortgage, a loan. He is also buying another car, another apartment. He has told us about his strategies. In principle, he has told about himself. Thank you very much for the interview. It was very interesting, a very interesting case. And subscribe to our official channels:, Join the Telegram channel and make sure to watch our YouTube channel, we will be very happy. Like and share with your friends. Bye-bye!

Denis: Thank you all!



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