More about the ZK35 program

Kirill: How to pay off a loan for thirty-five percent of the remaining debt on There are ZK35 programs — pay off a loan for 35 percent. How does it work? Let’s imagine that you have a notional amount of $15,000. $15,000 is a debt that you have to pay back. What is the amount of deposit you will need to make? $5,250, which is 35 percent of the debt balance. One percent is a service fee that goes to the office where you received advice and clarifications on how the program works. One percent is $150, and 165 CFR, which is the conventional unit of measurement on the website And this all is the total amount you need to pay. What will happen next? Further, you will be getting monthly payments of about $1,500 for ten months.

You will be receiving the amount to your personal account on the platform, which you will be converting into money and repaying your loan within any lending institution. The only thing that you will need to do is to create an early repayment application in your bank or credit institution that has issued the loan to you or to submit it to the authority where you have a debt. That is, for an early debt repayment application, and within ten months, your debt amount will be fully repaid.

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