More information about the ONELINKS.COM leadership school launch

Zygmunt: Thank you. Today, I will talk about our new platform. It is an educational website, where you can find all the information about the company. We decided to not only provide a video storage toolkit but also create convenience for MLM entrepreneurs. I spoke to some leaders who said that they were not perceived as entrepreneurs, so they did not have the tools to work with their clients. What is ONELINKS? First of all, it is an online work.

What have we done? Picture this: there is a leader. What does he face? His structure is growing, and he is traveling to cities, arranges workshops, conferences, and so on in order to influence it. The audience reach is limited by time. Hence, we have decided to create such a centralized platform where each leader could work with their structure wherever they are. This is 24/7 access to knowledge from anywhere in the world. The second thing is learning from any TOP leader. There will be such an opportunity. And the third aspect is homework and tests for a better understanding of the material. You will watch a video, and after that, there will be a test of 10–20 questions. If you pass it by more than 70%, the next one will become available to you. It is very important to understand the information.

If you have not learned it very well, then you can review the lesson or chat with the owner of the course. We will make it possible. What are the benefits for a leader? In my opinion, it is audience coverage. We went a little further in order not to be just a platform with courses. We have implemented something like sales automation. Since we are going into the world of the Internet and gadgets, we have decided to automate sales. How is everything going on now? You try to tell someone about a product, send them a link, and they don’t know how to contact you. What have we done? We have called this block Infopacks. For example, we select a product and copy the link. Here the client can see how this video generally works.

The system will work automatically. Here, the customer can also view customer stories. If they want to see the cases, it is necessary to submit the phone number. What is in it for you as a person who develops the structure? As soon as a person submits a request, you see him in your system. This is the world’s first CRM system for entrepreneurs. You will not only see the contact but you will also be able to work with it. All your clients will be here. None of them will be lost. You can also add a client manually. Let’s imagine that I have met someone in a cafe and told them about a product. After that, I can go to the platform and fill in their number. So, now, a little bit about the plans. The idea has appeared by accident. We started to analyze different MLM companies and how they did business. When you join a team of some organization, first you are asked to make a list of 100 people. Is there such a thing? What did I think? These names are your phone book.

And what if we take a phone book, and those contacts will appear in your CRM system instantly? You will no longer have to write them down manually. You will be able to simply upload them into the system. This is some kind of automation. But we have not stopped there either. What if we work at the zero level as well? Let’s say, we will give people knowledge that they have not received at university or school. For example, now I would like to improve my knowledge of economics. And we have decided to invite teachers in physics, mathematics, marketing, finance, economics, law, and anatomy to our platform as well. These lessons will be absolutely free for the clients. Well, they will be conditionally free, for a deposit. I will tell you a little later how it will work. In conclusion, I would like to say that the platform already works. Courses by some leaders are already available. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you so much.



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