Presentation of the CBS ONE cashback service

Kirill: I want to invite a person who is already not the 10th star but has a higher status — the network director Dina Gabdullina. If there is an opportunity to show, we have such beads for the natives.
The privileged natives.

This ring of the network director is yours, as a mark for the work done and the champion status.
Actually, that’s why Dina has become a person who will answer the question of what the cashback service is. And why this particular cashback service is the world’s top-ranked product.

The stage is yours.

Dina: Thank you. Hello, everyone! Kirill: Thank you very much.

Dina: Yes, today we will talk about the cashback service the way I think about it. Probably, this may sound MLM-ish, but I will put it simply and it will be understandable. I think that all the partners here want to build networks, achieve stars, and grow in qualifications. So, this will be very useful for you.

So what is the cashback service? In fact, it is also an investment but in very plain language. When you come to your clients, you probably face the problem that people have negative balances.
And when you say to them: “You know, there is an investment…”

They say: “Okay, but on the 15th, I have to pay the mortgage, I have loans, I have no spare money.” And they just don’t hear us.
Have you ever encountered this? And so, the cashback service — what is it?
You say to them: “Listen, there is a thing with the help of which you can reduce your expenses by 15%. Would you like to talk about it? Your mortgage will be 15% cheaper.” And then they are immediately ready to listen. And, by and large, this is the same investment, but in plain language. So, let’s look at the life of an ordinary person. They have expenses: food, petrol, loans, and things they do on a daily basis. And the most interesting thing is that they will still do it in a month, in 5 months, in five years, and until the end of their life. And that person can save on all those things.

And thanks to this service, a person can afford much greater things. They get money back for their next purchases. Here is this example, look — if a person has monthly expenses of about $800. Those are just random numbers for an imaginary person. Then they can return 15% using the cashback service. This is a basic client cashback and this will total $120. Let’s see how it works.

A person…Oh, go back.
This is how it works. A person opens a deposit. Now I’ll tell you how to open a deposit correctly because there is an opinion that a deposit can be opened from $100. I also started the same way, but today, I don’t think this is the right strategy. I’ll tell you the one that works.

A person opens a CBS ONE deposit. Then they make purchases. But we don’t need to be taught this, right? We buy something anyway.
And we monthly upload receipts to the system. Thus, a person gets cashback. They have a deposit and get cashback that catches up with them for 150 days. Here, many people have a misunderstanding “Why is it so? I have uploaded the checks, they should give me cashback tomorrow.” Guys, not tomorrow. Your purchase will delight you for 150 days. You have bought something, you have uploaded this receipt to the system, and the system divides your cashback for the period into 150 different days every day.

And every day it pays out money. For example, let’s look at my case.
I want to tell you: we have recently bought a car. And, of course, I also have replenished the cashback beforehand so that the amount will have returned to me. And my cashback was $13,600. I did not get it the next day. But I will be paid in equal installments for 5 months every day — every day — every day.
If we look by months, then 150 days is 5 months. Respectively, I will receive $2,700 per month.
You know, I’ve got used to the car already. It already seems to be ordinary to me. But every month, I will have an additional $2,700.
So, here it is important to understand one thing. No deposit — no cashback.
And here some people say:
“Well… And why is that? We thought so. Of course, something will be needed to give us cashback.”
Well, guys, of course, money doesn’t fall from the sky. And you should understand that cashback is paid to us not by the gas station where we refuel, right? Not grocery stores give us 15% cashback. Cashback is generated by the company. How can it be done? Of course, only if we make a deposit. Let’s imagine that we have replenished the deposit. How, in my opinion, is it correct to replenish it? For the amount you spend per month.
Let’s simulate the situation now. Yes, we can make cashback for $100.
Who has $100 in the cashback? Do you feel the thrill? What’s the fun? 6% on deposit — $6, 15% client cashback — $15, divided by 5 months.
How can you feel the thrill? Have done so many body movements and got so little money. When do you start to feel the excitement?

Like me, when I bought a car and returned $13,600. At such a moment you understand the product itself and that’s why I always say: “Make a deposit equal to the sum of your real expenses.” If you spend $400 a month — deposit $400. If you spend $4,500 per month — put $4,500 on a deposit.
What will you get? You will receive a 6% deposit interest. This is actually 72% per year. Banks do not offer this. Thus, even if we come to an ordinary client who will consider the product not only in terms of getting cashback but also in terms of 6% interest — this is very cool profitability for ordinary people in the market, guys.

And in such a case, a person receives a return of 15%. If we withdraw our deposit — do you know that you can withdraw money from any product in our company?

As I say: “Your money continues to be yours.” When you deposit it in the company — it does not mean that it is not your money anymore.
If you change your mind, you can take your money. But if you withdraw your deposit, cashback stops accruing to you. What is the use?

Guys, I used some cashback systems, and there are simply no such conditions as in Finiko. No banks offer this, no companies offer this.
Because the cashback is 15% on any purchase. Maybe you went to buy pastry near your house, maybe you went to refuel your car, bought plane tickets, anything, paid your mortgage, loans. You buy anything you want, any receipt is good, you are not attached to any outlet.

No one will tell you “You go there, and you necessarily need some card — and only then you will get cashback.” You will get 15% on any purchase.
6% of the deposit amount is accrued to your account every month. It works all over the world. I have personally tried it myself — very convenient. No matter what currency you have used or use. No matter what country you are in, you still get 15% of the receipt that was given to you. A transparent system of daily accruals. Every day. From the 1st to the 30th. No matter if it is Saturday, Sunday — you get paid every day. The next point is important, extremely important — you do not need to invite anyone to get cashback. Because you see, there are a lot of people among our clients, who do not want to invite anyone, or they are shy, or they haven’t figured it out yet, or they…

Well, for example, he is a doctor — he has no time for this at all.
A person might have such an occupation when he has no time for this at all. He will still receive cashback.
This definitely saves the family budget. Now I will show you a scheme on how you can save 1⁄3. Just think about it. Imagine, keeping 1/3 in your pocket. The return is in CFR — and this is our real money, we can withdraw it at any time. I mean, those are not some kind of points, not bonuses, which you can spend in a certain place. That is real money with which you can either replenish the deposit… Personally I do this: I never withdraw funds from the CBS ONE wallet at all. I always replenish my deposit, and my deposit grows. Thus, I upload more checks and get even higher returns. And the affiliate program is for those who cannot be silent, for people like me.
You can be silent, tell nothing to anyone. And you can speak. If you start telling something, you will get money.
I don’t even know how you can be silent about this.
Because, imagine that you spend $1,000 per month, and you start spending $210 less. That is, you get cashback.
How can you be silent about this? You have parents, you have relatives, you have friends, you have so many acquaintances who, like you, will be spending money all their lives. How can you be silent about this? I don’t know. If you tell people about this, you will be paid 5% of the amount deposited in your first line immediately. And you will be getting 3% of deposits when you achieve levels. Up to 10 levels.

So what are those levels? The level is a star, yes. That is, from the first star to the tenth star. How can we easily calculate cashback here?
By the way, cashback grows. The return is 1% when you are the first star, and there is a completely different rate when you are the 10th star.

How can it be easily calculated? The basic cashback is 15%. If you have 1 star, it will be 15% + 1%. That’s it. 16% is your refund. If you have 10 stars, the 10th level, then it is 15% basic cashback + 10% for the level = 25%.
And, if we look at the 10th level now, then, look, 25% is only cashback. And there is also a 6% deposit interest. Thus, 31% is your savings. And here we can say: “I will have 10 levels somewhere in the next life, this is not about me, this is probably about some people who do something special, they probably have some skills.” Yes, maybe. But the practice shows that for example, I have a feeling that I haven’t even started working at Finiko yet.

I can imagine what the qualifications will be when you start and I see how my partners work, how the partners of the whole company work. It’s great because we don’t try to sell anything that people do not need. Let’s say, if you sell lipstick, you need to force it on a person because they already buy this lipstick somewhere and probably do not need it.

Where have you seen people who do not want to save, who do not want income, who do not want to pay off their loans, who do not want a car for 35%? Where have you ever seen such people?
They do not exist. It turns out that everyone around you is your potential client. And therefore, when I realized this, I started telling literally everyone. Then I have reached the 10th star in literally four and a half months. Therefore, in fact, your 25% cashback is six months of work. The Network Director is one year of work, you know. Exactly one year. So, don’t create any obstacles for yourself here. It seems to me that even a child can increase cashback in our company. What is needed to increase it? You need to understand that there must be a personal deposit, group turnover, and a number of personal sales. Let’s start without personal sales to make it more clear. The turnover is common, that is, we know that we have accumulative products. They are those that have such a “deposit” system, when we have a certain deposit — these are Index 1, Index 2, and Cashback. Respectively, all three products go into a common group turnover. What do we need to reach, say, level 1 and get 16% cashback?

We need to have $1,000 on a personal deposit and a $10,000 group turnover. Or CFR. I use dollars to make it more clear, okay? That’s it. You have the 1st level and you have a 16% return. Do you know what I calculated today?
If let’s say, a person puts 65,000 RUB on a deposit, this is a random figure that corresponds to their expenses according to my slides. For 12 months, this person will be uploading receipts for 65,000 RUB. That is, he will be spending the same amount.

He will spend about 800,000 RUB. And in five years, he will spend 4,000,000 RUB.
And if he uses our cashback service, then he will save 380,000 RUB in a year, and 800,000 RUB in five years. And here, when we build a network, we need to

understand that each person will spend money. And $1,000 put on a personal deposit once will pay off 100 times without even increasing the cashback rate. If we increase our cashback — of course, everything starts multiplying.
Well, and, accordingly, our qualifications are growing. For example, if we want to have the 5th star, we need to remember that our deposit must be replenished by 5,000 CFR and group turnover must be 100,000. Group turnover is done very easily because 3 types of products are involved here. But personal deposit must be taken into account in advance.

How do I do it? I simply do not withdraw money from there. I constantly reinvest, reinvest. It is also possible to do it starting from $100.
Accumulated $100 on the balance — reinvest. Accumulated — reinvested.
You will not notice how some time will pass, and you will have not 1,000 but already 2,000 on your deposit.

With 2,000, you will get a higher cashback rate and more than 6% on a deposit. You will suddenly see that you have 3,000, and you will not even understand how.
I don’t understand even now how I have formed $100,000 on my deposit. I don’t deposit there on purpose — I just reinvest, reinvest, reinvest.

I started with $100. I did not understand this service, so I started with $100. When I figured it out… By the way, I will shortly have a live broadcast with Ramil Safarov.
And we will tell you how you can save up to 100% thanks to this service. Is this topic interesting?

For convenience, so that nothing gets confused in your head, first of all, your money will come to a separate cashback wallet, so you can track it all. And yes, do not forget that 72% per annum is $720 per year if the deposit is 1,000. Guys, imagine such a bank, I don’t know, such a place where, with $1,000 that anyone can afford, there are no people who can’t afford this money. Only if they do not assume that 72% per annum is possible. And I want you to take a photo of this. Point your cameras here — this is the official Telegram account.

By the way, we will have a meeting for those people… It will be on Monday, May 31 at 10:30 AM. For those people who want to develop in the CBS service. These are the people who want to open an office, to get additional motivation: 1, 2 and 3%. We are preparing gorgeous promos for you. Of course, you will have a cool space for holding meetings, so join this session.
And the official Instagram account. There will be live broadcasts and news. The team is already working on it. I think that you will find a lot of tips for your promotion there. Thank you very much!



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