Returnable venture by Finiko. Vlog from the exhibition

Nikita: Hello everyone, friends! We are in Moscow. If it seems to you that the weather is not good today, we will say that the weather is good. I would even say — it is suitable for flying. This wonderful aircraft behind me is proof of that. It welcomes the participants of a large-scale and interesting event at the Crocus City Hall. This is a Returnable Venture conference-exhibition. Several interactive platforms are waiting for them inside right now. We will show them to you and tell you about them.

Woman 1: I attend all Finiko events. I do not miss a single event. Finiko development is my life now. The management and focus are on Finiko.

Woman 2: I’ve been with Finiko for a year now. The projects they launch are always stunning and unusual.

Woman 3: I’ve been in Finiko for a month now. I recommend it to everyone. We really don’t waste time. This is the future!

Woman 4: I am grateful to Kirill, Zygmunt, guys, all traders.
They have such brilliant brains, I can tell you. Like Mendeleev, probably, Lobachevsky, or Zoya.

Woman 5: Here you feel this energy, you feel support from people. You feel how we understand each other.

Woman 6: I would really like to attend such conferences always. You get the information you need exactly when you come and communicate with people in real life.

Nikita: That’s all, the event has come to an end. The Crocus City Hall is left empty. Although quite recently there were a large number of participants here. And it seems to me that everyone got something useful for themselves from today’s event.

At least because on stage, they were talking about different products and platforms. You can find a lot of helpful information on our YouTube channel. To do this, subscribe right now, and see you soon!

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