The Battle of Traders. VLOG

3 min readJun 1, 2021


Pavel will be fighting for Finiko. In spite of his 2-year experience, he works with big money daily. Jordan is an independent participant. He has been trading for himself for over 7 years so far.
In this video, we have shown how traders work in reality. This is a painstaking work of every trader who literally snatches each percent from the market and tries not to go into a drawdown and to make a profit. We showed how we have made 1% for the investor and 1% for the company. And one more percent has been earned by Pavel.

-Good afternoon. My name is Pavel
-How long have you been trading?
-On August 29 it will be exactly two years since my first deal on the exchange.
-What do you expect from today’s battle?
-Nothing much. I came to trade a bit. I hope that we all will make a profit today and everything will be fine.
-What do you think about your competitor?
-I think that his Instagram profile is pretty trendy. That’s cool, and I think he is an experienced person. If I remember correctly, he is versed in the markets since 2013. That’s lit. I think we will share the experience with each other in the future if he shows good results. Hopefully, we will collaborate in the future.

-Hi everyone, my name is Jordan. I do not really work hard in this field. I have been trading for myself since 2013. I actively monitor the situation to maintain the shape. It is a good income source.
-What do you expect from today’s battle?

-First of all, I did not expect to be invited. I came here just to gain experience and to get to know the team of traders. It would be cool to make a buck with one of them. Because the opponents are more experienced than me. Moreover, it is actually really hard. You need to have a psychological endurance and inner core. I wish both of us to win. Only profits and all the best. Thanks.

Kirill Doronin:
We have decided to launch a huge content line about the work of traders. We want to be a bit more creative and produce something like a show. Later it will grow into a show with a large number of traders. For instance, 15 people will be fighting for one month to grow their accounts. Today we have two players here. In the right corner, there is a participant from Finiko, and in the left one — not from Finiko.
Two traders. 7 hours. Starting deposit of $10,000.
From Finiko’s side — Pavel who has 2 years of experience but deals with big money every day.
If you haven’t followed the battle during the stream, you should watch the vlog. There you will see the key moments of the trading process. You will be able to analyze different strategies and hear the comments from the traders. In the end, Edward Sabirov will share his opinion and provide the results. Thanks to the traders for participation!